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Tracie Giles 3D Hair-by-Hair Brows

Constantly gaining the attention of the Press and Media and a celebrity must-have, our famed 3D Hair-by-Hair brows, exclusive to Tracie Giles Bespoke are for every woman who wants to enhance their natural beauty. Prices start from £495. Contact Tracie for more details.

Who benefits:

  • Almost every woman of any age
  • Women wishing to correct asymmetrical eyebrows
  • Women who want 24-hour a day beauty and confidence
  • Women who hate it when their eyebrows streak or rub off
  • Women who have no eyebrows at all as a result of Alopecia, Chemotherapy or over-plucking
  • Sporty people
  • People with poor eyesight
  • Women who are sensitive to make up
  • Women who are tired of pencilling eyebrows every day
  • Semi-permanent eyebrow treatments are not exclusive to women – Men also benefit from these techniques
Tracie Giles Gloss and Go™ Lips

Our beautiful Gloss and Go treatment creates a perfectly shaped mouth with a flush of colour infused throughout the lip that can be as vibrant or as natural as you desire. This highly-skilled and highly-innovative treatment has a stunning result and can change the lower part of the face with incredible results. Prices start from £595. Contact Tracie for more details.

Why have a Gloss and Go?

  • To give volume and fullness to every woman’s lips, young or old
  • To restore youthful definition to a fading lip
  • To give the smile back and turn back the clock
  • For a flush of colour to balance the lips and lift the complexion
  • All that is left for you to do is add Gloss and you’re ready to Go
Tracie Giles Eyeliners and Eyelash Definers

Small dots of colour (usually a black or dark blue/brown) between the eyelashes gives the appearance of a fuller, thicker lash line and enhances the eyes, with a result that is incredibly natural but effective. For a dramatic look, a thicker eyeliner (giving the appearance of expertly applied liquid eyeliner) can be achieved by the Tracie Giles team, and stunning special effects can be added with two colours and a peal highlighter. Prices start from £295. Contact Tracie for more details. NEW Butterfly Eyeliners POA.

Who benefits?

  • Every woman who wants her eyes to look less ‘bare and unnoticeable’ without make up
  • Women who don’t want to wear eyeliner everyday
  • Women who want a smudge proof eyeliner that is perfectly shaped
  • When eyelashes are too fair
  • When eyelashes are missing or thin
  • For eyes that are inclined to water in the wind, cold or light
  • For people who are visually impaired

It is recommended that you keep your permanent make up looking absolutely perfect and refreshed by returning to the clinic at least once a year for a colour boost, as whilst permanent makeup is ‘low maintenance’ it isn’t ‘no maintenance’ – still incredible considering most other beauty or hair treatments need regular attention, this is so easy and convenient. This is at a much discounted rate to the initial treatment, and clients visiting the team for 2 years or longer will receive a further 10% discount. We also offer a 6 month retouch for clients who like their make up to look brand new, all year round. Contact Tracie Giles for more details.

Beauty Spots

A sensual beauty spot above the lip, high on the cheek, or just above the breast – seductive for those who dare. Prices start from £150. Contact Tracie Giles for more details.

Breast Work

Post-surgery, for uneven/scarred areolas, to disguise scars and re-establish a perfect areola. Breast Re-pigmentation and Reconstructions – post breast cancer – to create a new areola and nipple, so restoring a more natural, symmetrical and harmonious appearance. Breast Areola Darkening – pale areolas can be tinted to give more colour and definition.

Prices start from £395. Contact Tracie Giles for more details.

Correctional Work and Paramedical Work

Tracie is a specialist in reconstructive camouflage and clinical tattooing and works by recommendation from some of London’s most highly regarded Cosmetic and Plastic surgeons.

Scar Camouflage – conceal unsightly scars with permanent makeup
Vitiligo – repigmentation to re-colour areas which have lost natural colour
Hair Transplant Scar Concealing
Permanent make up from elsewhere that is to an unsatisfactory standard

Prices given on assessment during free consultation. Contact Tracie Giles for more details.

The Tracie Giles Elite Method Technicians

All of our Tracie Giles Elite Method Technicians, or Linergists, work to a proven standard of distinction which has earned Tracie Giles her reputation as the pinnacle of excellence for Permanent Makeup in the UK and a name you can trust. Our elite team of professional technicians have been either trained by Tracie herself or entered the clinic with extensive experience from all over the world.

Our technicians use the Tracie Giles Method, which include her exclusive techniques and materials. Tracie Giles has a strict quality control process in place to ensure that you always enjoy the most stunning results achievable.

You can choose from either our Elite, Elite Plus or Director level technicians. Tracie Giles can personally carry out treatment by appointment only and prices are available on application. Be assured that you will receive superb standards and results with each and every member of our team.

The Tracie Giles loyalty programme

Tracie Giles continually strives to earn your loyalty through impeccable service, unrivaled permanent makeup treatments and client satisfaction. Once you have been attending our clinic as a regular client for two years or more, you will automatically be offered our ‘Preferential client Discounts’. These discounts aim to show you our appreciation for your continued custom and to help you continue to choose Tracie Giles Permanent Makeup as a method of looking the best you can, all year round. To find out what discounts you may be entitled to, please enquire when booking your appointment.

Phone: 0207 584 1005
Twitter: @tracie_giles

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