Tier 1BFundamental Eyeliners & Lips

The Entry-Level Eyeliner and Lip Course

Permanent defining eyeliners and lips that are symmetrically balanced and infused with colour can make an incredible difference to someones appearance. This course is for both beginners and those who have little experience and/or no confidence in performing lip and/or eyeliner treatments.


1 week (Monday – Friday 40 hours) with 60 hours pre home-study, plus 1 ‘Improver Day’ between 1 and 3 months after course completion.

What’s Covered?

During this course we teach you how to achieve beautifully enhanced eyes and balanced, kiss-proof lips for your client using the TG method of Micropigmentation. We focus on eyelash enhancers and ne upper and lower eyeliners with short flicks, as well as the fundamentals in creating TG Gloss&GoTM Lips (although the full Gloss&GoTM lip course is advanced). Your training will cover not just lip and eyeliner technique, but all aspects of fundamental theory, hygiene and health practises, compliance to legislation, pre-drawing and performing a procedure to a competent standard independently.

What’s Provided?

  • TG Fundamentals Training Manual
  • SPCP The Foundation of Fundamental Applications Manual
  • Training Materials inc. practise mats and work pads



A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to students that have successfully completed the 60 hours pre-study and 40 classroom hours. Once trainees have had enough time for independent practise, they will be invited back for their assessment day and will also submit a portfolio of case studies.  Based on the contents of this portfolio, successful students will be awarded the TG Tier 1B: Fundamental Eyeliner and Lips Certificate, a credential highlighting excellent entry-level Eyeliner and Lip Permanent Make Up. If you later wish to learn how to complete a brow treatment, this will consist of 1 more week at the same price (subject to availability).



£2000 + VAT*

* Prior to starting any TG training course, candidates will be required to complete a pre-study application form to determine course suitability. A non-refundable deposit of £1000 will be required to secure a course place. Once the full course balance has been received the home-study manuals will be sent out recorded delivery. The home study is an essential component of the course, and trainees must therefore make sure that enough time is allowed to complete this before course commencement. Trainees are permitted only to use their TG Tier title/logo representing that they have successfully completed a training programme. Without express written consent from Tracie Giles, they are not permitted to display any other picture/term/logo belonging to Tracie Giles Ltd, or to pass off as a Tracie Giles Ltd technician/team member. Terms and Conditions apply.
A TG device must be purchased alongside the beginners/conversion course (please see product catalogue). The purchase of a device subsidises the cost of the course. If a device is not purchased, the course costs are as follows:
– TG Tier 1A/B: Fundamental Brows £3500 + VAT
– TG Tier 1C: Total Fundamentals £5500 + VAT
This does not apply to TG conversion courses, where the purchase of a device is essential and non-negotiable.

Available Dates

  • Monday 16th January — Friday 20th January
  • Monday 13th February — Friday 17th February
  • Monday 6th March — Friday 10th March
  • Monday 10th April — Friday 14th April
  • Monday 15th May — Friday 19th May
  • Monday 12th June — Friday 16th June