Why Choose Us?

The beauty of Micropigmentation is that it is long lasting; while conventional make up will smudge and fade throughout the day, Permanent Make Up will stay intact from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.

It is therefore essential that this make up is absolutely perfect and successfully enhances your natural features.

While the permanent make up industry is becoming ever-more popular, it should not be taken for granted that achieving the desired results requires an incredibly skilled and experienced practitionerusing only the most advanced equipment dedicated specifically to permanent make up in a safe and sterile environment.

We are the leaders of UK permanent cosmetics because this is exactly the service that we promise to our clients. Choosing who should carry out your Semi-Permanent Make Up is an important decision.

Lauren Ezekiel, Fabulous Magazine
The Gloss & Go.. I would recommend it to everyone! Lauren Ezekiel, Fabulous Magazine

Here Is Why You Should Choose Us

We promise to use our extensive knowledge and trusted reputation to deliver beautiful results.

Our international team of world-class technicians have been working and competing within the industry for many years and have undergone extensive, advanced training to ensure that they are equipped to deliver the best results that UK Permanent Make Up has to offer. The team is exclusively formed of only the very best practitioners and headed up by Tracie Giles.

We are honest.

If we do not believe that we are able to give you the result that you desire or that you are unsuitable for treatment, we will point you in the right direction. We will never carry out any work that is inappropriate or which will not benefit you.

We listen to what you want.

You are individual, and so are your Permanent Make Up needs. The Tracie Giles technicians listen carefully to exactly what you want to achieve, and treat each of their clients with an unrivalled level of respect, gentleness and understanding. As experts in the field of Semi Permanent Make Up, they will offer their advice for the best results.

We only begin once your are totally happy with a design...

...that has been pencilled on prior to treatment and agreed by yourself.

We operate in a sterile and clean environment...

...using only the safest pigments and most advanced TG IndelibeLiner equipment.

We provide a service for absolutely everyone.

Even though we are constantly featured in the press and on TV for our outstanding work and we have many celebrity clients, this doesn’t mean that our service is just for celebrities. Our service is for every woman regardless of age, ethnicity or occupation and we invite you to come and experience our world-famous treatments.

We don't rush.

Our priority is achieving the best results possible and to do this, we always allow plenty of time to complete your treatment.

For peace of mind.

By choosing us, you are minimising the risk that permanent make up carries if performed by an inferior and less experienced practitioner.