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One of the most visible signs of ageing is the loss of volume in our face and lips that occurs as we get older. Dermal & Lip Fillers are cosmetic injectables that create an instant ‘plumping’ effect, restoring shape and youthfulness back to the face and creating fuller lips.

Injected beneath the surface of the skin, Dermal & Skin Fillers restore the volume, structure and fullness of the skin and compliment each individual’s features to achieve beautiful, natural looking results.

At Tracie Giles we specialise in:

  • Lip Volumising & Enhancement
  • Deep Facial Folds & Wrinkle Correction
  • Cheek Enhancement

Tracie Giles Lip Filler

With over 25 years of experience, Tracie’s proven expertise in ‘Facial Needlework’ in Permanent Makeup and other non-invasive treatments has awarded her with numerous media appearances and awards including the 2016 Diamond Safety in Beauty Awards Beauty Professional of the Year.


“My life’s work has been to study the face and to create, symmetry and beauty. I work with my clients to show them how Cosmetic Injectables, Permanent Make Up and Medical Skin Care can make them look and feel so much better. Naturally it’s a choice, some of us like to grow old gracefully and that is to be applauded but many others want to look ‘timeless’ and for these people I can make a really positive difference.”


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Bespoke Aesthetics Consultations

At Tracie Giles London we offer bespoke aesthetics consultations where clients can meet with Tracie Giles to create a unique treatment plan that achieves their beauty goals and ‘turns back the clock’ if possible. 

This face-to-face consultation is completely ‘client focused’ to help explore which advanced aesthetic treatments can work for you, including an in-depth explanation of the available treatments on offer, what they involve and which we believe will be best suited to you. During the consultation Tracie will discuss and assess your aspirations for areas of improvement, possible enhancements, and you will leave with a summary of realistic expectations for each procedure or skin protocol.

Often for clients aged of 30 – 60+, Tracie recommends that you bring a close up facial photo taken 10-20 years ago so that a detailed analysis can be completed to identify your extrinsic and intrinsic ageing pathway.

Consultations are complementary to our existing clients but a deposit will be required to secure the booking. This fee is redeemable against any aesthetic treatments taken within 8 weeks. For new clients consultations with Tracie cost £100.


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My Face Project

‘My Face Project’ Recommended Pairings:

In a world first, ‘My Face Project’ combines Bespoke Permanent Makeup with Advanced Aesthetics. We recommend pairing Dermal & Lip Fillers with Eyeliner Tattooing and Gloss & Go Lip Tattooing.



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