Honey PDO Thread Lift


Honey PDO Thread Lift

TG PDO Thread Lift IconHoney PDO Threads are a safe and simple way to lift and contour the face or parts of the body that show signs of ageing in terms of wrinkles or sagging skin.

Honey PDO Thread LiftThe Honey PDO Thread Lift is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure which uses dissolvable PDO (Polydioxanone) threads to lift and tighten the skin and stimulate the production of new collagen. The Honey PDO Thread Lift is a quicker and safer option than a surgical facelift, with little or no downtime after treatment and with no incisions and no scarring. The dissolvable threads are biodegradable and biocompatible and have been used safely in medicine for many years.

This treatment is always performed by Tracie and helps to create more volume in the skin, reducing wrinkles and tightening pores and sagging in the face, neck. Honey PDO Threads can also be used to lift the brows, building higher arches and creating a more youthful looking appearance.



I have been coming here since 2017 now and I am always made to feel welcome. Lots of attention to detail to make sure I walk out a happy customer.

Rufaro Nyakatawa-Rucker, Tracie Giles Client

How does it work?

After numbing with local anaesthetic, the Honey PDO threads are inserted via sharp or blunt tip needles into different layers of the skin. Once the threads are inserted under the deeper layers of skin your body naturally starts to produce bundles of collagen around each thread, creating a lifting effect over time.

The threads dissolve after 4-6 months however the new collagen scaffold gives support to the skin, so that your lifted facial contours will last for 2 years or more.

Once introduced, the threads produce 3 effects in the skin:

  • Instant skin lifting
  • Cellular renewel & collagen stimulation to improve skin texture, fine lines and elasticity
  • Skin tightening


Honey PDO Thread Lift at a glance…


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