Makeup Tutorial: How to get brushed-up brows at home

Makeup Tutorial: How to get brushed-up brows at home


Tracie Giles & Charlotte GilesQueen of Brows Tracie Giles has pulled together a step-by-step brow tutorial, full of some of her favourite brow hacks, tips and tricks so that you can achieve the perfect brushed-up brows at home! Soft, textured and fluffy, the brushed-up brow looks naturally perfect and totally effortless and is the biggest brow trend of 2020!


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In our lockdown makeup bag…

A lot of Tracie’s kit is in our Knightsbridge Clinic so she had to be quite resourceful when creating this tutorial and tried to work with what we think most people will have at home!

To create this look at home you will need:

  • An eyebrow brush (or if you don’t have an eyebrow brush you can use a mascara wand that has been cleaned thoroughly with soap & water)
  • A bar of soap
  • Hairspray
  • Our Beautiful Brows Kit (or a soft brown eyeshadow that closely matches your natural brow colour)
  • Powder foundation
  • Brown eyebrow pencil and a white pencil (or highlighter)
  • Small scissors (medical or nail scissors)
  • Brow razor or tweezers to remove any stray hairs. We prefer to use a brow razor as plucking will eventually leave you with no eyebrow hairs!


Good eyebrows don’t happen by chance!

Tracie Giles


Prep your brows:

  • Take your eyebrow brush and brush through the eyebrows, brushing the hairs upwards at the front of the brow (the bulb of the eyebrow closest to your nose), smoothing out to the tail (the thinner end of the eyebrow closest to your ear). This should start to create the desired shape and look.

Brow Tutorial


  • Once you have a clearer idea of shape, take your eyebrow razor or tweezers and remove any stray hairs from underneath the brow that sit outside of the desired shape.


  • Dampen your eyebrow brush slightly and gently rub on your bar of soap so that the eyebrow brush is thinly coated in the soap. TOP TIP: Do not apply too much soap or apply too vigorously – the brush should be waxy rather than foamy.



  • Starting at the front of the eyebrow push your waxy brush through brows from the bottom of the brows upwards. This should create that brushed-up, soft, fluffy front of the brows. With a more angled upwards motion following the natural movement of the eyebrow hairs, smooth the eyebrows out over the arch and out to tail.


  • Using the soap makes the eyebrow hairs more malleable, allowing us to work the hairs into the desired shape and then holds the hairs in place.


  • The final step to shaping the brows is to create a soft filter on the brows using your powder foundation. Apply a small amount to the eyebrow brush and brush through the underside of the brow. Starting at the front and working through the brows.

Powder Foundation


Measuring your brows:

  • Measuring your brows is important to achieve symmetry. Everyone naturally has a flat side and a round side to their face, and it is important we understand which side is which when we are doing our brows if we want them to be symmetrical. For example, it may be that we need to add a slightly higher arch to the flat side of our face for it to match the brow on the round side of our face.


  • There are different methods you can use to measure your brows, the first is using an eyebrow pencil. The front of your eyebrow should align with the inner corner of your eye. Take your eyebrow pencil and place it flat against your eyebrow, aligning it with the inner corner of your eye. To see where your arch should be, take your eyebrow pencil and place it diagonally from the corner of your nose to outside your iris. The distance from the centre to the arch is usually 4.5-5cm). Finally, to find the end of your tail, run your pencil from the outside edge of your eye to the corner of your corner.

Brow Tutorial - MeasuringBrow Tutorial - MeasuringBrow Tutorial - Measuring


  • Another method for measuring your brows is using our ID Liner brow measures which stick directly onto your forehead. To identify the centre of your face, squeeze the top of your nose between the brows and lift up. Mark the top of this mound with your eyebrow pencil – this is the centre of your face. Apply the nose piece of the brow measure to the centre line.

Brow Tutorial - MeasuringBrow Tutorial - MeasuringBrow Tutorial - Measuring


Shaping and filling-in your brows:

  • TOP TIP: Make sure you sharpen your pencil and always work on the tip – this will help you create a natural-looking hairstroke.


  • Starting at the front of the brow at the bottom corner, work underneath the brow drawing a very fine, almost invisible crisp line from this corner to the arch.

Brow Pencilling

  • Once you are happy with this line, start to fill in the top edge of the brow from arch to tail, following the natural groove of the brow. If you run your finger along the forehead above the eyebrow tail, you will find a natural groove which your eyebrow should follow from the arch to the tail.

Eyebrow Groove

  • Start to add some length at the end of the tail if necessary, with soft wispy strokes. Your measurements should tell you if you need to add any length to the brows.

Wispy Tails

  • Now, with your waxy eyebrow brush (apply a little more soap if necessary) brush up at the front bulb section of the brow, to create that fluffy, brushed-up look. We want it to look natural…but still groomed, so trim any rouge hairs that are too long when brushed up with your small scissors.

Brushed Up Brows

  • As you start to move the eyebrow hairs into the right shape, start to fill in any gaps with a pencil. Make sure your pencil strokes resemble hairstrokes – we want to see the hairs in this look!

Brow Tutorial

  • Using your white pencil or highlighter, highlight underneath the brow to give you a clean, crisp edge to the brow. Work on the tip of the pencil at the front, then start to lean on the edge of the pencil underneath the arch. If you want a more defined look highlight from the top edge of the arch down to the tail as well.

Highlight Brows

  • Taking your brown eyeshadow of your Beautiful Brows eyebrow powder, apply a small amount on a flat angled brush and start to fill in your brows, adding definition to the weaker areas of the brows. TOP TIP: Make sure you apply the powder more softly at the front of the brow, adding more definition over the arch and softening off again towards the tail. The bristles of this brush need to be tight otherwise you won’t get the definition you want.

Powder BrowsPowder Brows

  • TOP TIP: Leave the front end of the eyebrow very light, we want to eyebrow to evolve. We have moved past blocky brows and now want naturally undone brows!


  • To finish the brows spray some hairspray into the hairspray cap and pick some of this up on your eyebrow brush. Very gently brush through the eyebrow, being careful not to ruin the shape you have created. This will just hold the brows in place!

Brow Tutorial Result


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