Jessica Wright

Jessica Wright

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TOWIE star Jess Wright was the ideal candidate for TG hairstroke brows in a rich shade of brown to bring out the colour of her stunning blue-green eyes.

Measuring her brows so that they were the perfect dimensions using the TG IndelibeLiner measure, we used a technique exclusive to the TG team to make them appear to be as natural as possible, yet groomed to perfection.

The Gloss and Go™ that we created for Jess was in a soft, baby-pink colour, meaning that she has an immaculate base for any stronger lip makeup that she wants to wear on top, but ensuring also that she has really lovely lips without any extra make up at all. Both her and her mum Carol looked really fabulous.

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Technique: 3D Hair-By-Hair
Colour: Espresso

Gloss and Go™
Colour: Gloss & Go #11