Amy Childs

Amy Childs

We LOVED having TOWIE’s gorgeous Amy Childs in the TG Clinic to help her revive and refresh her brows! ⁠⁠As a reality TV superstar, busy mum of two, and successful businesswoman – Amy needs hassle-free brows that stay perfect from school run, to TOWIE TV set, to sitting in a bar sipping her newly launched prosecco!

Amy had previously visited another Permanent Makeup Clinic and had a lot of existing pigment in the skin that had turned a grey/blue colour. ⁠⁠Our Elite Artist Rosie decided that a Combo Brow, with some fluffy hairstrokes at the front and shading throughout the brow, would be the best choice to give Amy the softer look that she wanted, using advanced shading techniques and in-depth knowledge of colour theory to neutralise and cancel out the grey/blue tone.

Amy will be back in the TG clinic soon for her second session! Make sure you follow us on Instagram to see Amy’s total brow-over!


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