CASE STUDY: New Crème Rescue Serum!

Charlotte’s Crème Rescue Serum Transformation!

Here at Tracie Giles London, we feel very strongly that in addition to extensively testing and trialling our products and treatments, we also need to personally believe in their benefits. So, when it came to expanding into the world of skincare and launching our new Crème Rescue Serum we wanted to make sure that we were offering the best serum on the market.


Crème Rescue Serum TransformationThe Crème Rescue Serum was originally designed as a specialist aftercare product to soothe the skin and accelerate the healing process following Permanent Makeup and Medical Cosmetic and Aesthetic treatments. Tracie and Charlotte worked with a team of biochemists to blend the optimal amounts of specifically sourced and selected ‘clinically proven’ active ingredients for ultimate skin healing and developed Crème Rescue – a supercharged high-performance skin serum to soothe the skin and accelerate the healing process.


This formula was trialled for two years in the Tracie Giles London clinic as post-treatment aftercare and was met with acclaim; it was well tolerated and loved by a varied clientele, soothing painful, inflamed skin, speeding up the healing process and enhancing the outcome. The clients also started to discover additional uses for the Crème Rescue serum with amazing results – they reported dramatic anti-ageing benefits and found the serum to be the perfect solution for minor burns and dry, irritated skin conditions including sun burn, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, as well as skin that had been irritated by acids such as Glycolic, Retinoids and other commonly used acids in many skin care products.


Described as “transformative” by one frontline ICU doctor


NHS staff with Crème Rescue SerumIn 2020, 4000 tubes of Crème Rescue were donated to NHS workers in the UK to heal skin left dry and damaged by facemasks and repeated washing during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was described by one frontline ICU doctor as “transformative’’.


BUT clinical trials, incredible reviews from medical professionals and visible transformations for our clients wasn’t enough for us – we wanted to try the Crème Rescue Serum and see the results for ourselves! Charlotte Giles documented her Crème Rescue Serum journey for six weeks – and we could not believe the results after six weeks of consistent use.


We made sure that wherever possible all other aspects of Charlotte’s skincare routine and lifestyle stayed consistent throughout the six weeks. This meant that any results we saw were a direct consequence of using the Crème Rescue Serum twice a day, every day.


Charlotte had beautiful skin to start with but, like most people, she struggled with various small but frustrating skin issues. She was prone to acne, with extremely sensitive skin that reacted badly with various different skincare brands. Opting for brands which catered for sensitive skin, she found her products often weren’t as beneficial to her complexion, hydrating, or powerful in combatting the signs of ageing as she would have liked. Charlotte was keen to see how the Crème Rescue Serum reacted with her skin and whether it could solve any of these skincare issues.


“I have never been able to tolerate any moisturiser or serum on my skin without it making me break out and this was so creating a serum that was simultaneously sensitive but super powerful was important to me personally when developing this product.”

Charlotte Giles


The Results…


In the first two weeks of use, Charlotte noticed how hydrating the Crème Rescue Serum felt throughout the day. Most moisturisers and serums left her skin feeling tight and a little dry within an hour or so, so this feeling of intense hydration and plump, nourished, dewy skin was a welcome change! The inclusion of hyaluronic acid in this serum’s ingredients list is largely responsible for this noticeable hydration boost – and with the maximum concentration of this miracle ingredient it is no wonder she noticed the benefits so quickly. She also noticed a more even skin tone, and a huge reduction in redness, allowing her to go foundation-free on a regular basis and flaunt her improved, glowing complexion.


Crème Rescue Serum

After one month of consistent use, Charlotte was amazed by the results – her breakouts (which no acne treatment, medication, diet change or specialised skincare routine had ever come close to fixing) had completely cleared, including the tiny but stubborn forehead bumps that so many of us struggle with. With massive improvements in skin texture and tone, Charlotte started to get very excited about this new miracle serum!


Drastic improvements in skin luminosity and skin tone. Breakouts completely cleared, and overall more youthful appearance!


In the final two weeks of use Charlotte experienced even more skin benefits to add to the (already very long) list. With her skin clear and glowing, and feeling plump and hydrated, she noticed her fine lines appeared far smoother and she felt she had an overall more youthful appearance. She also noticed her acne scarring – a typically challenging skincare issue to tackle – was much less noticeable. Most people resort to expensive microneedling treatments to reduce the appearance of acne scarring, however our Crème Rescue Serum contains the the powerful, award-winning SWT-7 active ingredient, which specialises in cell regeneration and skin healing, with truly astonishing results.


The drastic improvement in skin luminosity and skin tone is obvious in Charlotte’s before and after transformation pictures, with her skin emitting that enviable glow. The smooth skin texture and huge improvements to dark under eye circles almost look airbrush perfection – but it is thanks to our new Crème Rescue Serum.


“My skin has truly never been better”

Charlotte Giles


Charlotte is not the only one who has had a remarkable skin transformation from using the Crème Rescue Serum. We’ve had overwhelming responses from each and every type of skin, with clients in disbelief that it has fixed and dramatically improved a huge number of skin conditions and issues, from acne to eczema and psoriasis to sun burn and ageing, hydrating and soothing dry and damaged skin, and even smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.


We are confident that each and every one of you will love this serum and will see dramatic changes to your skin. We have already had to restock after our first batch of Crème Rescue Serum SOLD OUT in just a few days, and we would love to see your very own transformation pictures – we know they will be amazing! Make sure to tag us at cremerescue_skincare.



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