HOW TO: Make Your Own MAC Strobe Cream



Blogger Liza Prideaux: How to make your own MAC Strobe Cream for Tracie Giles

So you’ve got your Tracie Giles Permanent Make Up base – perfect power brows, symmetrical, winged eyeliner and kiss-proof lips…but now you’ve got to work it. Strobing was pretty big last year and although there are new trends already on the horizon (more on those trends coming soon) I know this is one that’s going to stick for 2016 so I thought I’d put together a quick DIY post showing you how to make your make your own MAC Strobe cream, I’m a huge fan of illuminators they really brighten up the complexion and make a dull, sleepy face look alive and revitalised so let me talk you through the steps you need to do to create your own custom strobe cream.

MAC Strobe Cream

For those unsure on what Strobing is then let me tell you a little about it, Strobing is a really pretty and simple highlighting technique. You can now put down those contour products and just stick to a subtle glow that’s going to make you look angelic and very Victoria Secret it’s a technique that’s really going to make your skin glow and come alive with minimal efforts and products. To strobe all you need is a highlighter/illuminator and perfectly prepped skin… apply the highlighter to areas such as the tops of your cheek bones, down the nose, cupids bow, and brow bone simply blend in with a brush and see your skin come alive. Watch how I strobe and learn the technique here

What you will need to create your custom Strobe Cream:

Empty pot container

Lightweight Moisturiser (Not too thick or greasy)

Loose pigment or Eyeshadow (white, pearly shimmer shade)

Mixing tool

Step 1 Start by adding the moisturiser into the container you have chosen to mix your new highlighter in.

Step 2 Add some of the loose pigment into the container, you can use a range of different coloured pigments and create a whole bunch of different highlighters.

Step 3 Mix the two products together until you’ve created a liquid highlighter that give you enough shimmer and glow.

Step 4 Apply to the desired area and work it!

Will you be strobing this year? Enjoy creating your custom strobe cream and have fun with it!

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