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The Science of Micropigmentation Needles Online Training


TIME: 2 hours 6 mins.


Manufacturers and artists are constantly pushing the boundaries to bring us new and exciting devices and needle cartridges. It can be hard to stay ahead of the curve, and even harder to know what you are looking at when faced with so many needle brands with so many different codes and labels while shopping.

This online permanent makeup training course will teach you how to understand the different codes, classification numbers and letters found on needle packaging.

It will teach you about what makes a needle safe and how to identify a good quality needle.



You will learn the different features and functions of cartridges, and how they affect your pigment flow, implantation and healed results, including:

• Configuration
• Tips
• Tapers
• Diameters
• Caps
• Flow valves
• Surfaces and Solders
… and what the relevance is to your technique

There are also segments on choosing the right needle for the right skin type, tips and tricks for better implantation, and trouble shooting for common implantation issues.

The webinar will look at cartridges from the micropigmentation sector and also the cartridges from the tattoo sector, both in great detail. These two sectors have now merged, so it is more important than ever to understand the influence that they have on one another when it comes to the creation of needles.

When you have completed the webinar, you will have the tools and know how to confidently purchase and use needles from many suppliers. You will also be better equipped to choose the needle with the optimum specifications to complete the treatment at hand. This will give you better treatment results, better healed results and allow you to work more efficiently.



This is not a live webinar. It is pre-recorded which means you can download it and watch it whenever works best for you. It can be saved to your device and you can watch it an unlimited amount of times, referring back to it whenever you need!


Cost for Webinar

£150 (ex. VAT)

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