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Skin Tones & Types Webinar

Permanent makeup treatment Permanent makeup treatment


DURATION: 1 hour 30 mins.



What you really should know about skin and tissue before working on it.

This online permanent makeup training course will delve into the varied skin tone classifications that you are likely to encounter, how to identify them and also factors that may alter them.

It also covers the characteristics of the different skin types and tips and tricks on how to adjust your treatment parameters to get better results.

The webinar looks into the unique characteristics and challenges of facial skin and how these effect your treatment. This will help you to eliminate inconsistency in your healed results, so that you can create a more predictable outcomes with each treatment that you do.

There are segments on the anatomy, structure and challenges of Brows, Lips and Eyes.

This is a webinar full of very important insights into skin and tissue, for all micropigmentation artists. It will teach you how to better assess the skin type, tissue type and the characteristics of area that you are working on, so that you can achieve more consistency in your healed results and improve your work.

These are the fundamentals that all artists should know.



This is not a live webinar. It is pre-recorded which means you can download it and watch it whenever works best for you. It can be saved to your device and you can watch it an unlimited amount of times, referring back to it whenever you need!

Cost for webinar

£150 (ex. VAT)

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