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SMP Needles Webinar

SMP Needles SMP Needles

Knowing and understanding the tools of your trade.

There is much more to choosing a needle for SMP than just using what someone else has recommended you use. With the right tools and education, you can make your own decisions about what needle best suits the client in front of you.


DURATION: 1 hour



This online permanent makeup training course delves into the sometimes bewildering array of cartridge needles available for SMP treatments, and compares many of the most popular brands. You will see close up comparisons of the impressions made by different brands and different diameters.

You will learn about the very important features that affect the performance of the cartridge needles, which will help you to make better needle choices for your clients. This will improve the quality of your work and healed results.

Take yourself to the next level with this informative guide to SMP needles.



This is not a live webinar. It is pre-recorded which means you can download it and watch it whenever works best for you. It can be saved to your device and you can watch it an unlimited amount of times, referring back to it whenever you need!

Cost for webinar

£150 (ex. VAT)

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