New Year, New Skincare

Why A Consistent Skincare Routine Might Just Be The Perfect New Year’s Resolution.


It’s that time of year again when everyone starts thinking about their New Year’s Resolution. Generally, people fall into two camps – those that love them and those that don’t.

For those that don’t, we can see where you’re coming from. You start the year with the best intentions – “I’ll exercise every day”, “No alcohol during the week”, “I’ll read before bed instead of scrolling on my phone” – and inevitably within a few weeks, or even days, those resolutions are long forgotten, and you’re left feeling a little disappointed in yourself.

The secret to avoiding this circle of sadness? Setting yourself more realistic goals that you will actually enjoy doing and stick to! If you personally enjoy running and want to set yourself a goal of training for a marathon then go for it…! But if you’re anything like us, then something a little more relaxing like working on your skincare routine might be a slightly more enjoyable one to pick, and the benefits really are endless!


“The secret to avoiding this circle of sadness? Setting yourself more realistic goals that you will actually enjoy doing!”


We LOVE skincare and think that creating the right skincare routine for you is so important for looking good and feeling good. That’s why improving your skincare routine makes the perfect New Year’s Resolution – plus with the UK still in lockdown, now is the perfect time to start your skin transformation.


It is Genuinely Relaxing

I don’t know about you, but we don’t find running in the freezing cold, with rain whipping into our faces all that relaxing. If you are having to reluctantly force yourself into following through with your New Year’s Resolutions, you are more likely to quit (and start that circle of sadness). A little bit of pampering and self-care might not be something you are used to doing every day, but it definitely sounds much more appealing in our eyes.  Light a few candles, put on some relaxing music or your favourite TV show, and give your skin a little love!

Your morning and evening skincare routines are equally as important, but there’s something about the calming ritual of doing your skincare each evening before bed that sets you up for the best nights sleep. Experts recommend avoiding screen time just before sleep, and we find that a skincare routine is the perfect alternative to mindless scrolling and it noticeably improves your quality of sleep. You might not be reading that book you promised yourself, but at least you’re avoiding your phone! Throw in relaxing ingredients like Chamomile – a notoriously soothing ingredient that smells divine – makes our Crème Rescue Serum the perfect addition to your bedtime skincare routine and helps to make the whole experience totally enjoyable.


It only takes 5 minutes…

In our opinion, anything that takes more than 30 mins will be difficult to stick to throughout the year. Life gets in the way giving you the perfect excuse to miss a day or two, and at some point or other it’s just going to feel more like a chore than a treat. That’s why a simple 5-minute skincare routine is the perfect New Years Resolution.

We know how busy you all are, but we reckon building an extra 5 minutes twice a day into your routine is doable for most of us. It’s also great for those who are really suffering with their mental wellbeing during this lockdown when even the prospect of getting out of bed can feel like the most monumental of tasks. Ticking off something simple but soothing like your morning skincare is the perfect option when other tasks feel too difficult and gives you a sense of achievement and focuses your mind for the rest of the day.

It definitely doesn’t need to be a complex lengthy routine either – anything too complex can be off putting and cause you to give up before you’ve really started experiencing the benefits (hello circle of sadness). Start with something simple and build up your skincare routine as you get comfortable with it and work out what products are best for you.



Don’t try and add too many products to your skincare routine at once – you need to try out different products for at least 4 – 6 weeks to see if they work for you. To start with we would advise using Crème Rescue Serum with a good moisturiser with added SPF in the morning, then Crème Rescue Serum with an overnight moisturiser and an eye cream in the evening. Once you have perfected this routine you can look at adding oils and more intense skincare treatments.


We could all do with a confidence boost…

A lot of us could do with a confidence boost at this time of year – January isn’t a notorious time for feeling your ‘best self’. A month of mince pies and mulled wine has taken its toll and none of us have seen the sun in a good few months (more like a year – thanks Covid), combined with the global pandemic and all the stresses and upset it has caused, a little boost is definitely needed.

A proper skincare routine with its ability to clear and prevent breakouts, target the signs of ageing, combat stress and environmental aggressors, and give you that glow is just the pick-me-up that is so needed right now. Is there any better feeling than a good skin day?

If you are struggling with their skin at the moment then do not fret. Our Crème Rescue Serum is an absolute skin saviour in times like these. Not only is it naturally antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, meaning it is fantastic at keeping breakouts at bay, but it is also specifically designed to combat the signs of stressed skin. Stress is the number one sign of skin ageing and our Crème Rescue Serum contains the award-winning ingredient Neurophroline, which combats cortisol (the body’s stress hormone), repairing and protecting the skin against stress. A self-care practice that also has you looking your best…it doesn’t get much better than that.



Crème Rescue Serum improves skin luminosity within two weeks of use, giving you that enviable natural glow – BUT if you want an extra boost, why not mix a couple of tanning drops into the product before your massage it into your skin! Our favourite drops to use are from tan luxe –  the perfect pairing for Crème Rescue Serum.


Ultimately, we think the benefits of skincare are more than skin deep


Ultimately, we think the benefits of skincare are more than skin deep. Taking the time for a proper skincare routine is an act of self-love and can make you not only look but also feel like your best self. It can offer a moment of calm after a stressful day and help give you some routine to wake up for in the morning. Adding Crème Rescue Serum into your New Year’s skincare routine is one you will definitely stick to once you start to see how transformative it really is!

If you want to treat yourself or a loved one to some luxurious skincare this lockdown, then shop our products at cremerescue.co.uk.

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