Permanent Eyeliner Tattooing!

Permanent Eyeliner Tattooing: What is it? Why do I need it? And what are the options available?


It’s a big claim, but we reckon it’s true – eyeliner is the most stressful part of anyone’s makeup routine. Whether you use powder to create a smokey eyeliner, liquid eyeliner for a bolder cat eye look or just a simple eyeliner pencil to add a bit of definition to the eyes – the potential for error is huge. It’s uneven or too thick, the angle of the wing is all wrong or you sneeze and smudge it everywhere. Starting again isn’t an option as you don’t have time in your busy before-work routine to take off your eyeliner and all the makeup and beauty products applied underneath, so you desperately try to fix it and leave the house looking unintentionally like Amy Winehouse.

Then there is the rare occasion that your eyeliner looks perfect (hallelujah!) but wait…after 6 months going makeup free in lockdown you forget you have eyeliner on, rub your tired eyes, and suddenly you’ve smudged it up to your eyebrows. Don’t even get us started on its lack of integrity when face with heatwaves, wind, rain, gym sessions, tears (of happiness or sadness) or pretty much anything else!

There’s one obvious choice to take the stress out of mornings and wake up with expertly applied eyeliner every single day…permanent eyeliner tattooing from Tracie Giles London! Perfectly matched, smudge-proof eyeliner, that is expertly designed to define and enhance your eyes that stays put from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to bed (and everything in between) …YES PLEASE!

But which style of eyeliner to go for? At Tracie Giles London we have 3 Permanent Eyeliner treatments available…


The Lash Enhancement

Subtle Eyeliner

The most subtle of all our eyeliner treatments, the Lash Enhancement is perfect for those clients wanting to achieve a ‘barely-there’ eyeliner and a seriously natural result. This treatment inserts a series of tiny dots of pigment along the lash line, in between your eyelashes, to give delicate definition to the eyes without the appearance of an obvious eyeliner. If you love lash lifts or lash extensions this is a great option for you as it gives the impression of longer, darker, lashes. This is also a great treatment to try if you’ve never had permanent makeup before as no one will be able to spot your tattoo, but they will definitely notice a difference!

This is also a really popular treatment for more mature clients (both men and women). As we age our hair weakens and we experience hair loss, this includes our eyelashes. The Lash Enhancing Eyeliner creates the illusion of thicker lashes, restoring the definition some older clients feel that they have lost.





The Liquid Look Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner

A classic for a reason, the Liquid Look Eyeliner is such an elegant choice and when professionally applied looks stunning on every client. The Liquid Look Eyeliner treatment is super versatile and can be used to create everything from a dramatic winged eyeliner to a thinner line with a more subtle wing. The versatility of this eyeliner means it works perfectly with so many different makeup looks – it’s the perfect accompaniment to an iconic red lip for a dose of Hollywood glamour, it gives beautiful definition for an autumnal glow, just add simple makeup for a put-together professional look, or apply dark eyeshadow and bold brows for that ultimate made-up look.

Some clients are concerned with how the permanent eyeliner will look without other makeup or mascara – but eyeliner tattoos are designed to look fantastic with or without makeup! Enhancing the eyes and giving the definition that conventional mascara and eyeliner usually give – permanent eyeliner freshens up your look when you don’t have the time or energy for a full face of makeup. It’s also amazing for those occasions where you want to look fabulous but are in a seriously high-risk smudge zone, like the gym or on holiday by the pool!



The Whipshaded Eyeliner

Smokey Eyeliner

This Whipshaded Eyeliner is the latest eyeliner tattooing technique and is only available at a handful of Permanent Makeup Clinics worldwide. A smokey, shaded effect is achieved using a highly skilled tattooing technique – which can be scaled up or down to be as dramatic or understated as you like! Our world-class Artists will work with you to create a bespoke eyeliner design that meets your exact requirements – whether you are looking for a bold, smokey eye or a slight shading effect that softens the eyeliner. The perfect smokey eyeliner is especially hard to create with conventional makeup, so fans of this look can now breathe a sigh of relief and leave it to the experts! Just add a lick of mascara for a subtly sexy makeup look.

We know it’s impossible to pick which Permanent Eyeliner is best for you – they are all so beautiful and such time savers! If you’re not sure which style you would like, book a FREE consultation with one of our Artists to discuss your options, preferences and desired results.


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