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3D Areola Reconstruction, Alopecia & Chemotherapy

While Micropigmentation is most often known as a method of achieving fabulous brows, eyeliners and lip effects, there are a wide range of medical & correctional uses of Permanent Make Up too, namely to alleviate the hair-loss effect of chemotherapy and alopecia, restore the areola following breast surgery, to camouflage scars or to treat vitiligo.



Alopecia is a devastating auto-immune disorder affecting many men and women throughout the world resulting in hair loss on part or all of their bodies. We are able to use our brow, eyeliner and scalp tattooing treatments to alleviate the effects of hair-loss, cheating the appearance of natural hairstroke eyebrows and lash lines to boost confidence. Tracie Giles is registered with Alopecia UK.

Case Study: Kayla’s Alopecia & Her Microblading Miracle

Kayla began to lose her eyebrows when she was 12 years old. They started to become very sparse, until one morning, she woke up and there was absolutely no hair whatsoever – we thought she had shaved them off! As you can imagine, this was devastating for a young girl who was almost a teenager, as your eyebrows are such an important part of your facial structure and have such a huge impact on your appearance… READ KAYLA’S STORY >>



My daughter suffers from alopecia and her brows were done by Natasha at Tracie Giles and they are amazing! Natasha is so lovely, as are all the girls we have met so far. We travel from Scotland for these appointments and will continue to do so in the future.

Sandra Watson, Tracie Giles Client


A 10% discount is offered on all medical & correctional tattooing to those suffering from Alopecia. A doctor’s letter of permission will be required.

Chemotherapy Related Hair Loss

Permanent Make Up treatments are also increasingly being endorsed by oncologists as a way of helping patients to feel more positive about the traumatic experience of chemotherapy. Pre-chemotherapy we can capture the appearance of the patient’s natural brows, lashes and hair in order to recreate them if necessary, giving patients back some control at a difficult and distressing time in their lives. These treatments can be performed before, during (providing the consent of the oncologist is given in writing) and after chemotherapy.

A 10% discount is offered on all medical & correctional tattooing to those undergoing chemotherapy treatment. A doctor’s letter of permission will be required.


3D Areola Reconstruction

Permanent Make Up can be the final step to normality by correcting the areola and/or nipple, helping to restore an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the breasts. An areola and/or nipple can be tattooed in a colour to closely match the patients own, creating 3Dimensional, realistic and natural looking results.

Although ideal for most kinds of breast surgery (including augmentation, reduction and uplift treatments, as well as post-breast cancer), some women may just want to darken a naturally light areola. Permanent Make Up provides the perfect solution and is undetectable from natural colour.


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