Nipple & Areola 3D Tattooing


Nipple & Areola 3D Tattooing

Medical TattooingPermanent Makeup can be the final step back to normality after breast reconstruction or augmentation by using cosmetic tattooing to restore the appearance of the nipple and/or areola and camouflage scarring with amazing results.

Using highly specialised micropigmentation techniques, an areola and/or nipple can be tattooed in a colour to closely match the patients own, creating 3-Dimensional, realistic and natural looking results.

Although ideal for most kinds of breast surgery (including augmentation, reduction and uplift treatments, as well as post-breast cancer), some women may just want to darken a naturally light areola. Permanent Makeup provides the perfect solution and is undetectable from natural colour.

A 10% discount is offered on Nipple & Areola 3D Tattooing for those recovering from breast cancer. A doctor’s letter of permission will be required.



Nipple & Areola 3D Tattooing can be performed on just one breast to match the other, or on both breasts. It can be used for:

  • Scar Camouflage – Scars from any breast operation such as breast uplift or reduction procedures can be disguised with cosmetic tattooing
  • Post Mastectomy – Clients who have had total breast removal and/or reconstruction can have the appearance of the areola and nipple restored using cosmetic tattooing. Using specialised shading, highlighting and detailing techniques we can create realistic, 3D results.
  • Uneven Symmetry & Pigmentation – If you have asymmetry, the areola can be tattooed to look more even. To achieve this we would create a larger areola to match the other, the size of the areola cannot be reduced with tattooing. We can also use tattooing to restore the colour of the areola if it has faded with age, or to disguise any unwanted pigmentation.

Our team of Artists are friendly, discreet and the leading Permanent Makeup Artists worldwide, so you can book knowing that you will have an enjoyable experience and end up with the best possible results!

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