Permanent Makeup & Microblading Questions Answered.

Your Permanent Makeup & Microblading Questions Answered.

We know that the idea of getting a permanent makeup or microblading treatment can be a little scary, especially if this is your first time. With over 25 years of experience we wanted to reassure you that you are in very safe hands with our multi award-winning, world-class artists, and that Tracie Giles London is absolutely the best choice for your treatments. We have answered some of the most common questions and concerns below, so that you can book with total confidence and the lead up to your appointment is filled with excitement rather than anxiety!

Remember that we also offer totally free of charge, no-obligation consultations on the phone or at our Tracie Giles London clinic where our technicians can answer any other questions you might have.


Will the procedure hurt?

This really depends on the procedure (as some areas are more sensitive than others) and how you tolerate pain (as everyone has different pain thresholds) – but most clients describe only a slight discomfort or no pain at all! Permanent Makeup & Microblading treatments are definitely less painful than some of the other beauty treatments we’ve had to endure in the past (*cough dreaded bikini wax).

Our technicians always apply a high-quality numbing gel to the treatment area to minimise any discomfort, and they also work hard to create a very calming and soothing environment which should make the whole experience as relaxing as possible.


How long will the procedure last?

In normal circumstances, we allow two hours for our eyebrow, Gloss & Go lip blush, and eyeliner treatments. This includes an in-depth consultation and skin analysis, pre-drawing in pencil to agree the shape and style, and the treatment itself.

However, with the current global COVID-19 situation and the extra measures we have in place to ensure your safety and wellbeing, treatments may take a little longer than usual. We thank you in advance for your patience!


How long will the results last?

There are lots of factors that influence how long the results of your Permanent Makeup & Microblading treatments will last – your skin type, how well you look after the treatment area, how regularly you have retouches to name just a few! But if you follow our aftercare advice properly your results should last 2-3 years and can be refreshed indefinitely with discounted annual retouches!


How well do the permanent makeup treatments work on older skin? I am worried my fine lines and wrinkles will affect the results.

Permanent Makeup & Microblading treatments are for EVERY age! Our technicians have extensive experience in working on every type of skin and have developed expert stretching and pigment implantation techniques to ensure that any wrinkles or fine lines do not impact your results.

Natural Permanent Makeup Mature Client

Many of our customers are more mature women, and they all absolutely adore their Permanent Makeup treatments! The results can have drastic anti-ageing effects, making our treatments a great non-surgical solution for turning back the clock.

Typically, our hair growth slows as we age causing our eyebrow hairs to become sparser. Eyebrow tattooing can be used to create realistic hairstrokes to fill any gaps and a new shape can be created to lift the brows, creating a younger appearance. Our Gloss & Go lip blush treatment also has amazing anti-ageing abilities, giving a full, youthful blush of colour across the lips, adding fullness and creating an even lip line, filling in the fine lines that may have come with age.

If you head over to our Instagram @traciegiles_permanentmakeup, you can see all the treatments we have to offer on a huge variety of clients, so you can see how they look on different skin types and ages.


I have some bad Permanent Makeup from another artist that I would love to fix at your clinic – is this possible?

Covering Previous Permanent Makeup SuccessfullyWhether we are able to correct previous Permanent Makeup or whether you need removal first really varies from case to case. The best thing to do is to send us some pictures of your existing Permanent Makeup to clinic@traciegiles.co.uk and our technicians will assess whether correction or removal is possible. Alternatively book a free consultation with one of our technicians and they can take a closer look and create a bespoke treatment plan for you!

Our technicians are extremely talented, knowledgeable on colour theory, and are trained in how to cover existing work, so if they assess that they will be able to cover the previous work appropriately then they will be more than happy to do so. Ultimately, our technicians will only agree to correct the work if they truly believe that you will leave the clinic feeling elated with your results, and that they achieve work they are proud of. If they decide that it wouldn’t be possible to successfully cover your old Permanent Makeup, then our Permanent Makeup Laser Removal specialists will work to remove your existing Permanent Makeup and create a Tracie Giles London treatment plan for you once your bad Permanent Makeup is removed.

Sadly we are seeing more and more clients come to us with bad Permanent Makeup done by someone else and the always say the same thing – “I wish I had just come to you first!”


I want the ‘Gloss & Go’ lip blush treatment. How do I pick the right shade?

Gloss & Go LipsWith an unlimited colour palette to choose from, picking the right lip blush shade can be really difficult. We have a few tips to make sure that you are confident and happy with your final choice…

Firstly, we recommend bringing your favourite lipstick with you to your appointment – our technicians will be able to create a bespoke pigment mix that colour matches this shade. We also have a very useful pigment colour chart for all of our Gloss & Go shades with recommendations of what skin tones suit which shades best. All of these pigments are fully blendable so we can mix the pigments to create the perfect shade for you. Our technicians are extensively trained and experience in ‘colour theory’, with in-depth knowledge of which pigments suit which skin tones and how the pigment will individually heal onto your skin so will be able to offer you lots of advice. During your consultation, we will ensure that you are 100% happy with your choice before we start the treatment.



Is the top-up included in the price?

Each of our Permanent Makeup & Microblading treatments includes one free top up to be completed within 12 weeks of the first treatment. Permanent Makeup is a two-stage process and some pigment will be lost in the healing process. The top-up appointment will ensure that you leave with long-lasting, perfect results.


Will my eyebrows be really dark and striking?

Natural Hairstroke Brows Only if you want them to be! Some clients want a bolder, more glamorous look and we can absolutely achieve that, but our most popular brow treatments create realistic, natural looking brows. No one needs to know your eyebrows are tattooed!

We will create the brows that are perfect for you – based on your desired end result and to suit your individual facial measurements. Our technicians are capable of many stunning variations, including super-natural hairstroke brows, bold ombré brows and the increasingly popular combo brow.

REMEMBER! Immediately after the treatment the pigment is around 40% darker than it will be once it is fully healed. So be patient whilst the brows heal and we know you will love the results.



Is the treatment safe?

Tracie Giles Full PPE Hygeine CertificateWe take the safety of our clients very seriously and we have extensive measures in place to make sure that our treatments take place in a hygienic, comfortable and secure environment.

When performed correctly by expert, trusted technicians Permanent Makeup and Aesthetics treatments are extremely safe. At Tracie Giles London we are a global centre of excellence for Permanent Makeup and Advanced Aesthetics Practitioners, so you are in safe hands!

For Permanent Makeup, all of our pigments are made of natural minerals that are specifically selected for their safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic properties.

All equipment selected and used by Tracie Giles and her team is fully inspected by the Health and Safety executive and complies with all Health and Safety requirements. Our premises is fully Licensed by Kensington and Chelsea Health and Safety and so are all of our individual members of staff.

We are the number one clinic in the UK for COVID-safety and have introduced even more measures to ensure that our work environment is safe for both our clients and our technicians. We are the only clinic to use the latest ‘fogging’ sanitisation technology and all our technicians are fitted in full ICU medical-grade PPE.


Can I wear makeup after my treatment?

We really advise not to as its best to keep the area clean and clear, and to not get the area unnecessarily wet – so removing the makeup may be an issue. If you really feel uncomfortable without it, then please only use brand new makeup, e.g. a new mascara, to prevent infection. Remember the more closely you follow our aftercare guidelines and the better your treatment heals, the better the results will be and the longer they will last!

We hope we covered all the main questions and concerns here, but we have a very knowledgeable team who are always happy to help should you have any further questions. We also recommend coming in for a consultation for questions related to you as an individual, such as how your skin will react to treatment, choosing the right pigment, and exact shaping and shading.

As always, we love to see new faces in the Tracie Giles Clinic, so for any booking enquiries please do not hesitate to call us on  +44 20 7584 1005.

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