Glamour | Lip blushing is the semi-perm lip tinting technique that everyone’s talking about

Glamour Magazine Lip Blushing Lip blushing - the semi-perm lip tinting technique that everyone's talking about

Lip blushing is a beauty term that you’re about to hear a lot more of now that it’s dominating our Instagram and TikTok feed.

In a nutshell, it’s along the same lines as microblading, which blew up for its ability to give perfectly-groomed eyebrows 24/7. This is the lip equivalent, offering beautifully shaped and tinted semi-permanent tattooed lips without the effort.

The advancements in technology and technique are part of the reason why lipstick and lip liner tattooing are gaining in popularity. Despite being such a small and delicate area, professional inking can help to add definition, enhance colour and create symmetry.

If it’s a treatment you’ve considered, but you’re unsure what to expect, here’s everything you need to know…



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