MailOnline | Hyper-Realism Brow Tattoo Gives Woman with Alopecia her Confidence Back

Hyper Realism Brows Alopecia Eyebrows

A mother-of-three who felt ‘stripped of her identity’ and struggled to leave the house after losing her hair to alopecia has told how she finally feels like herself again after trying the new ‘hyperrealism’ brow tattoo.

After witnessing the shock on the faces of her children Rafferty, 15, Bella, 14, and Amelie, 11, when she was forced to shave her head, she decided to try celebrity make-up artist Tracie Giles’ new ‘hyperrealism’ semi-permanent make-up technique- describing it as ‘life-changing’.

Zelda decided to take the plunge and look into semi-permanent make-up, but was worried about the horror stories she had read about.

She said: ‘I looked into a permanent solution but I’ve seen quite a few dodgy semi pemanent eyebrows and was worried about how they might look – too overdone and fake.’

She then stumbled across the hyperealism brows on the celebrity artist Tracie Giles’ Instagram account, adding: ‘I saw the amazing natural hairlike strokes on a brunette woman with hardly any brows that blew me away as I’d never seen anything so delicate and realistic before.

‘I was also really impressed with Tracie Giles medical tattooing for breast surgery clients and offering clients with medical hairloss a discount as it’s not ‘just a beauty treatment’.

After having an extensive consultation process and her pictures taken, Zelda had the treatment and says she finally feels like herself again.

Describing the treatment as ‘artwork’, she said of the therapist: ‘Miri gave me my identity back, my old brows but better! She gave me some of my old self back, my confidence back, and I’m happy to look at myself again and recognise myself. My family and work friends cant believe how natural and realistic my brows are, my mum even thought my brows must have grown back.

Zelda’s next stop is to get permanent eye make-up to disguise her lash loss, explaining: ‘It might sound ridiculous to someone who hasn’t lost their hair to understand what a massive impact my new eyebrows has made to me. But as my kids say ‘it’s so nice to see you happy mum’, I can honestly say for the first time in years I am happier and feel like I’m finally on a road to acceptance.’


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