Summer 2020 Beauty Trends

Summer 2020 Beauty Trends

Let’s be honest, summer 2020 hasn’t exactly got off to the best start, but one major positive we can draw from a spring spent in lockdown is that our skin is better than ever! Those many bare-faced pyjama days letting our skin breathe, replacing our beauty routines with soothing skincare instead, have worked wonders! Our Instagram followers have fully embraced this opportunity to improve their skin health and we have seen hundreds of #lockdownlooks no-makeup selfies over the last few months, but with life slowly starting to return to a ‘new normal’ it’s time to dust off our trusty makeup bags, get creative and try out the very best of the summer 2020 beauty trends. Trust us – you’ll be the belle of the socially distanced picnic in the park!


The Gloss-all-over Look:

When it comes to the base for your summer look, it’s best to play up the inevitable sheen and embrace it rather than work against it. A glowy look for summer is certainly no new trend, but this goes one step further – with an all-over gloss. For this look to work you really need to nail your skincare routine (thanks again lockdown!) to give you a bright and glowing complexion. Our new Crème Rescue Serum is perfect for this – supercharged with 5 high-performance, clinically proven active ingredients designed to target stressed, damaged and ageing skin with powerful results. With a perfect, radiant complexion you should only need a light layer of foundation, covering any blemishes and dark circles with a creamy concealer if needed. Next, start to build that glow with a creamy highlighter rather than a powder formula as powders are usually more mattifying. Blend into the high points of the face – the cheekbones, the eyebrow bone and the cupids bow to give yourself the ultimate glow-up!

For the lips we want a natural, full, shimmering pout which can be achieved using a pinky nude lip liner, and either a lip gloss or a tinted lip balm over the top. To create a permanent blush of colour on the lips we recommend our Gloss & Go Lip Blush treatment which can be used to add shape, colour and volume – so all you need to do to achieve this look is apply your favourite gloss…and go!

To complete the look you need to master those glossy eyelids. It’s so easy to achieve with specific eye gloss available, but makeup artists recommend a clear lipgloss over a pale shimmery shadow base.


Gloss All Over Look Summer 2020 beauty trends


Monochrome Blush

Perfect for summer, this super romantic look suits every skin tone. Over the years blush has slowly been pushed to bottom of our makeup bags, but this summer it is back! This fresh take uses just one product to enhance your natural features – a cream based blush that allows you to gradually build up the colour until you get the desired effect. Use your blush on the cheeks, lips and eyes, plus a little on the bridge of your nose for a sun-kissed quality, to really tie the look together and give you that monochrome effect.

This soft look is complemented perfectly by our subtle Lash Enhancing Eyeliner, designed to enhance the eye and give the illusion of longer, fuller lashes, and a beautiful nude Gloss & Go Lip Blush.


Monochrome BlushSummer 2020 beauty trends


Faux Freckles and Fluffed-up Brows

The timing for this look couldn’t be more perfect – just we start to see a trend for statement, fluffed up brows the eyebrow threading and waxing salons close forcing us to embrace a fuller brow and use this overgrowth to our advantage! Tracie Giles has filmed an in-depth tutorial showing you how to achieve this look at home using just a clean mascara wand or an eyebrow brush, a bar of soap, and a brown brow or eyeshadow powder. Our expert brow artists can also create a perfectly undone brow using permanent makeup – so you can wake up with expertly measured, shaped and drawn-on brows every. single. day!

This trend works perfectly with the faux freckle look that everyone has been obsessing over. Not all of us are naturally blessed with cute freckles across our nose and cheeks but luckily this trick is extremely easy to fake. The easiest way? Use a brown brow pencil to dot freckles across the nose and cheek bones, softening with your foundation brush or blender if the dots are too harsh or defined.

To complete the look you can either go very natural with simple eye makeup and mascara, or make more of a statement with a winged liner and false lashes. Either looks stunning for summer but we think this would look particularly striking with our smokey Whipshaded Eyeliner for a fresh but glamorous effect.


Faux Freckles & Fluffed Up BrowsSummer 2020 beauty trends


Bright and Bold Eyeshadow

It’s time to get stuck into the other 15 shades of your 20 shade eyeshadow pallet. Bright eyeshadow is everywhere at the moment. Some are easing into it by keeping the rest of the makeup look neutral and compensating with a simple but classic outfit. Others are going full OTT in the best possible way, rocking one colour from head to toe. Any bright and bold colour will work for this look but we’re especially loving washes of lilac, potent blue’s, and incredible green shades.

However you choose to embrace the bright and bold eyeshadow, one thing that’s really going to pull together this look is a defined brow. If you’re drawing this much attention to your eyes you need to make sure your brows are perfect. This will give the right structure and definition to your face. At Tracie Giles London we are famous for our brows and have options to satisfy every brow goal!


Bright & Bold EyeshadowSummer 2020 beauty trendsSummer 2020 beauty trends


With summer just around the corner it’s time to start practising these summer 2020 beauty trends and to book your appointment with Tracie Giles London so that we can help you achieve your beauty goals. Now taking bookings from July 1st.

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