The Sex and The City Reboot We’ve ALL been waiting for

The Sex and The City reboot we’ve ALL been waiting for…

The question is, what treatments are they having?!

The Sex and The City cast are back and they are more glamorous, more chic, and more beautiful than ever. In celebration of this momentous occasion, we are dedicating this month’s blog to the women that graced our screens for over 10 years, and taking a look into which Permanent Makeup treatments we would recommend for each of these icons.

Sex And The City


Carrie Bradshaw

 First up, the leading lady. We know her best as the crowd-dividing, New York columnist with impeccable taste in shoes and barely there 90’s dresses. With her infamous curls and out-there fashion choices taking centre stage, Carrie often opts for a minimalist makeup look. Luckily, we specialise in natural looking results at Tracie Giles London and our treatments can subtly enhance her natural features, without anyone ever being able to tell she has had anything ‘done’.

Carrie Bradshaw Sex And The City

We think that Carrie Bradshaw would be the perfect candidate for our hugely popular Hyper Realism Brows. Arguably the most natural looking of all the brow styles, for Hyper Realism Brows we tattoo delicately overlapping hairstrokes into the skin in a unique pattern that mimics the natural flow and movement of your real eyebrow hairs. This creates that highly sought after ‘fluffy brow’ – which will work perfectly with Carrie’s wild hair. This un-done, wispy style of brow will also work in beautiful contrast with her ultra-feminine fashion choices (often with a tutu thrown into the mix).

To keep it super natural, we recommend pairing the Hyper Realism Brows with our delicate Lash Enhancement Tattoo. Not only will this define Carrie’s piercing blue eyes, but it will also help to create the allusion of darker, thicker lashes – so important for those with naturally fair hair!

Finally, for her Lip Blush it has to be a classic nude, and for Carrie we would choose a very natural Lip Blush shade. This will add a wash of soft pink across the lips and define the lip line…and just like that she’s ready for a fabulous night in New York City, with a few too many cosmopolitans.

Carrie Bradshaw Makeup

Charlotte York

Charlotte York is undoubtedly the most traditional of all the Sex and The City girls, in beauty, fashion, and her outlook on life. She is all about looking immaculate at every hour of the day – whether she’s attending high society charity functions, gallery openings or doing the school run (and everything in between). With luscious brown hair, beautiful dark eyes, and bone structure to die for, our Permanent Makeup recommendations for Charlotte are all about enhancing her natural features and making sure she looks pristine, classy and well-groomed 24/7.

Sex And The City Lipstick

For her Lip Blush, we can’t think of anything better than this beautiful bespoke plum shade we created for TG client and supermodel Tamara Francesconi. This berry tone looks absolutely stunning with darker features and this treatment can be used to create the illusion fuller lips.

Next up – brows! And we think our Combo Brows will be perfect for Charlotte. Combo Brows (unsurprisingly) combines hairstrokes and shading techniques for a final result that gives a beautiful structure to the brow whilst still looking natural on the face. Charlotte has quite a high brow arch, which works well with her features, but there is some evidence of the early noughties overplucked brow trend. Tracie Giles London Combo Brows will restore any fullness lost in the brow, working with that enviable brow arch for the ultimate face shaping brows.

Charlotte York Makeup

We would finish off the look with a classic eyeliner tattoo – simple yet effective and a firm favourite for a reason. Most importantly of all – this look can withstand a girl’s weekend in the Hamptons with not a smudge in sight.


Miranda Hobbes

With age and experience Miranda Hobbes is the character we’ve all grown to love. In hindsight, it’s hard to see why – with all of her dry humoured one-liners, and her impressive career in law – Miranda was our least favourite of Sex and The City girl. We beg for forgiveness and offer an olive branch in the shape of expert Permanent Makeup advice from the best Permanent Makeup Clinic in London.

Cynthia Sex and the City Smokey Eyeliner

In the glimpses we’ve seen of the brand-new HBO series, we can see Miranda sporting an incredibly chic icy grey pixie crop and one treatment that will work seamlessly with this new look is our exclusive Misted Eyeliner. This delicate winged eyeliner is very gently smoked out at the corner to add a touch of softness to the look.

Paired with this eyeliner, we would create a gorgeous coral pink shade for her Lip Blush which will add a youthful touch of colour and brightness to her face.

Cynthia Sex and the City Lipstick

Our signature Hairstroke Brows are the perfect choice to finish this look, tying it all together and framing the face beautifully. For Hairstroke Brows we tattoo individual hairstrokes into the skin hair by hair, to create eyebrow hairs that are indistinguishable from your natural hairs. This is a great option for people wanting a subtle, natural result. We can also colour match the pigment used to your natural hair, which is amazing news for those with grey or silver hair as the options for conventional brow makeup for these hair colours is seriously limited!


Samantha Jones

And last but not least, the people’s favourite – Samantha Jones. Whilst she may not be appearing in the latest series of Sex and The City (a tragedy), with over ten years under her belt she’s definitely earnt herself a place in this blog and some Tracie Giles London treatments.

Samantha Jones Makeup

Notorious for her many rendezvous with the men of Manhattan, Samantha needs the most sultry and seductive treatments we offer. Which means we’ve got to start with the Whipshaded Eyeliner – similar to the previously mentioned Misted Eyeliner, but with a little more va va voom! This sexy, smokey eyeliner is all Samantha needs to stay on top of her game.

For bombshell Samantha’s Lip Blush, it had to be a classic red lip perfectly colour matched to the most iconic red in the makeup industry, Mac’s famous ‘Ruby Woo’ lipstick. It’s a highly flattering matte red that works perfectly on almost every complexion, although we think it will look extra fabulous on this particular blonde. This should be paired with our Beauty Spot treatment for ultimate Hollywood glamour.

The final touch to this statement look is a perfectly shaped Powder Brow. More defined than the other brow styles, for the Powder Brow we tattoo a stunning shaded effect behind the eyebrow hairs – perfect if you pencil or powder your brows in most days with conventional makeup. With other strong features, it could be easy to think that a strong brow would be too overwhelming for Samantha’s face. However, this isn’t the case – and from our years of experience at Tracie Giles London we know the power of a killer brow.

Samantha Jones Makeup


If the ladies are ever in London…

If it isn’t already obvious, we can’t wait for the new Sex and The City series – it’s been a long time coming, and healthy dose of nostalgia and ‘the good old days’ is just what we need at the moment. And who knows, if the Sex and The City girls are ever in Knightsbridge they might just come to best Permanent Makeup Clinic in the business – Tracie Giles London.

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