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TG IndelibeLiner: The Illustrious Range of Permanent Make Up Products and Equipment Developed for you by Tracie Giles

Permanent Make Up Devices

I’ve worked on tens of thousands of faces, and I’ve recognised what our industry needs to achieve the very best results. I have developed the TG IndelibeLiner range with you in mind, aiming to make your life easier and helping you to achieve beautiful and safe Permanent Make Up for your clients.

-Tracie Giles, Founder of TG IndelibeLiner

To support your training with us, Tracie has developed the TG IndelibeLiner range of products and equipment to meet all of your Permanent Make Up needs. Our devices are totally revolutionary, featuring not one but two entirely different hand piece inputs so that you can run both a single needle handpiece and cartridge handpiece simultaneously, without having to buy a new device. Built to achieve SPMU perfection, the En Point and PowerPoint devices have colour touch screens and work beautifully with the IndelibeLiner range of pigments, making your life a whole lot easier. These devices have been developed with a ‘work-horse’ ethos, allowing you to work reliably and for long periods of time, with minimal maintenance, leaving you to create beautiful 3D/Shaded/Microblade effect Brows, perfect Gloss&Go™ Lips and liquid-look Eyeliners with boundless effects. Both devices can also accept a cartridge for MesoTherapy allowing for a full range of medical, reconstructive and anti-ageing treatments and so increasing your earning potential and treatment offering.

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One Technically Advanced Power Unit. Two different Hand Piece Drives. Countless achievable Permanent Make Up results for the Technician who demands it all.

Tech Problem: Having to buy different devices to achieve different effects

TG Solution: One colour touch-screen device that can run two super powerful, different style hand pieces simultaneously. You may already own a hand piece compatible with the drive!

With so many machines now available to choose from, all designed to achieve different cosmetic results, staying at the forefront of the industry can be expensive for the modern day technician. Instead of adding new hand pieces to their collection for different effects, techs need to buy a whole new device. However, the TG IndelibeLiner devices have been built so that you can use the two totally different TG hand pieces at the same time, and even convert one of these drives to fit a hand piece that you may already own, meaning that you can grow your selection of hand pieces instead of spending thousands on new devices.*

*conversion service not available for all hand piece models


5.6in (En Point)/10.4in (Power Point) Colour Touch Screen with stunning visual graphics

  • Dual independent drive output to run two different hand pieces simultaneously
  • Two Hand Piece options means a vast selection of needle configurations available
  • Recommended pre-set speeds per hand piece
  • As powerful as you want it: Built to drive the hand pieces to their maximum safe output potential
  • Overload and thermal protection, forced air cooling system
  • Power supply tailored to any countries requirement
  • Suitable for Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing
  • Dual Footswitch and onscreen Actuation
  • Pink LED’s built into the En Point
  • CE Certified, UK Engineered, Totally Future Proof

Power Point: The larger of the two device units, a micropigmentation heavy duty ‘work horse’ built for plush clinics, busy salons, medispas and beauty colleges.

£3500 + VAT (Including 1 IndelibeLiner Hand Piece of your choice, stand and foot pedal)

En Point: Small, sleek and sexy for the tech constantly on the move in need of a lightweight and portable device.

£3500 + VAT (Including 1 IndelibeLiner Hand Piece of your choice, stand and foot pedal)

Power Unit Sourced and Made Entirely in Great Britain by top medical engineers, meaning swift servicing and updates



Hand Pieces

The IndelibeLiner Devices have been built to take two of the best hand pieces currently available globally, to meet market demands and make your life as a technician easier. The selection of different needle types, tapers and speed frequencies allows you to use your pen like an artist uses their brushes. Both are superbly engineered pieces of equipment and capable of achieving an array of beautiful results

IL Hand Piece 1: Single Acupuncture Style Flexi-Needle hand piece, perfect for hair strokes, fine liners and TG Gloss & Go™ lips!

Key features include:

Ergonomic and Hygenic

Ideal for high precision, definition work

Used to create press and Celebrity famous Gloss & Go™ lips!

Price: £900 + VAT (Hand piece of your choice included with device purchase)


IL Hand Piece 2: A cartridge pen with over 17 safety needle configurations available, Hand Piece 2 is a German-built market leader.

Key features include:

Lightweight, ergonomic, trusted design

Quiet with low vibration

Single needles available as well as thicker needle groupings ideal for shading, block and ombre work! Delivers beautiful results and has been year after year

Price: £900 + VAT (Hand piece of your choice included with device purchase)


The important bits (Devices):

  1. External AC/DC Power Supply 110v-240v 50/60Hz
  2. Power Consumption Standby: 5W
  3. Output Drives 4.5v-12v DC @ 2A
  4. Two Channel Hardware Pulse Width Modulations
  5. Device, Hand Pieces and Needles are safe, certified for use and trusted.


To order a device or for more information, please call 020 7584 1005 or email