Tattoo Removal

Occasionally the Tracie Giles Knightsbridge clinic is contacted by women who are unhappy with Permanent Make Up treatments undertaken by other clinics or salons, either because the work is inappropriate or has not been carried out to a sufficiently high standard. The team are able to advise and assist in the correction of Permanent Make Up disasters or PMU gone wrong for clients seeking expertise in this area.

If your particular query is something that we can help with, we will either aim to correct the existing PMU by performing a saline removal treatment or camouflaging and covering the previous make up using pigments. If we feel that it would be best for you to have the old tattoo removed, we will make an appointment for you to see our laser specialist who is at the clinic on selected dates throughout the year.

Our laser specialist also removes conventional tattoos, and this takes place over a few sessions.

Most procedures that need to be corrected are a result of mineral pigments being placed into the skin by poorly skilled technicians. They have not been educated in the science of colour or placement and may not have carried out a detailed consultation with you, and this can produce unsightly results. If you need your permanent make up disaster corrected do not hesitate to get in touch, we will support you every step of the way.