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Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers use specially formulated hyaluronic acid injections to boost the volume of the lips.

When expertly administered these can enlarge the lips, define the contour, and restore symmetry to the mouth – creating the perfect pout!

Lip Fillers are an incredible treatment on their own, but when combined with our Gloss & Go™ Lip Blushing treatment the results can be truly transformational!


Lip Combo Package

Save £150

Lip Blush & Lip Fillers

We are so excited to announce the launch of our Combo Packages, pairing our world-famous Permanent Makeup treatments with complementary Aesthetics treatments – with each treatment working to enhance the results of the other.

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At a Glance


Thin lips or lips lacking symmetry or definition


30 Minutes


1 x Session


There may be some minor swelling after this procedure


6-12 Months


Starts from £295

What are Lip Fillers?


Lip Fillers use specially formulated hyaluronic acid injections to boost the volume of the lips. When expertly administered these can enlarge the lips, define the contour, and restore symmetry to the mouth – creating the perfect pout!


As we age, our bodies stop producing elastin and collagen, which contribute to a younger look. Lip Fillers are used to replace that lost collagen – lifting, contouring and adding volume. Lip enhancement is becoming more and more popular not only with those whose lips have become thinner with age but also with younger patients who are looking to achieve fuller lips.


Lip augmentation with fillers is temporary. Lip fillers act immediately to plump the pout but are gradually reabsorbed by the body’s natural processes, remaining effective for nearly a year.


Some new clients are nervous that they will leave with a ‘trout pout’ but please be reassured that at Tracie Giles London we specialise in beautiful, natural-looking results. We can gradually increase the amount of filler in your lips until you are happy with the final result – no one needs to know that you have had anything done!

Why have Lip Fillers?


If you are self-conscious about your mouth or your lips have shrunk with age, Lip Fillers can give your lips and confidence a boost.


Women have enhanced their mouths with makeup since the Ancient Egyptian times – creating the illusion of fuller, more defined lips. Lip Filler can be used to make that illusion a reality, adding volume, balancing out uneven lip contours and creating the perfect pout.

What do I need to know about the Lip Filler treatment process?


We advise all clients use Crème Rescue Serum for 2 weeks before treatment to give us the best possible canvas to work from. Crème Rescue Serum should also be used immediately after treatment to speed up healing and as part of your everyday skincare routine for ongoing skin maintenance.


Tracie will complete an in-depth facial analysis and discuss your beauty goals with you. Dermal Fillers are then delivered as a series of injections into the border of the lips to create the lip shape you desire. Following the filler injection Tracie will gently massage the area the ensure the filler is spread evenly.


We will always build up the volume slowly and gradually, ensuring you end up with the size and shape you want.


New clients often ask how painful fillers are. This really depends on each individual and the fillers required. We use the latest filler product with local anaesthetic in the filler itself – so treatments are now virtually pain free. We also apply a numbing cream before and during the treatment to minimise any discomfort.  For nervous clients we are able to offer a ‘dental infusion’ for a nominal extra charge of £30.


We will provide a soothing ice pack if needed and a mini Crème Rescue facial after treatment.

What is the recovery like after Lip Fillers?


Clients usually experience minimal discomfort or downtime with the Lip Filler treatment. There may be some swelling and bruising but this will usually subside in 24-48 hours.


Results usually usually last 6-12 months may be longer for some brands of fillers.

‘My Face Project Recommended Pairings:

In a world first, ‘My Face Project’ combines Bespoke Permanent Makeup with Advanced Aesthetics. We recommend pairing Lip Fillers with Gloss & Go™ Lip Blush Tattooing.

Bespoke Aesthetics Consultations

At Tracie Giles London we offer bespoke aesthetics consultations where clients can meet with Tracie Giles to create a unique treatment plan that achieves their beauty goals and ‘turns back the clock’ if possible. 

This face-to-face consultation is completely ‘client focused’ to help explore which advanced aesthetic treatments can work for you, including an in-depth explanation of the available treatments on offer, what they involve and which we believe will be best suited to you. During the consultation Tracie will discuss and assess your aspirations for areas of improvement, possible enhancements, and you will leave with a summary of realistic expectations for each procedure or skin protocol.

Often for clients aged of 30 – 60+, Tracie recommends that you bring a close up facial photo taken 10-20 years ago so that a detailed analysis can be completed to identify your extrinsic and intrinsic ageing pathway.

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