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Fundamental Beginners Permanent Makeup Training Courses

These courses are designed for new entrants to the world of Permanent Makeup – even those with no experience or not from a beauty background – or those new to a specific Permanent Makeup treatment.

Our ID Liner Fundamental Beginners Training Courses focus equally on theory, technique and practical skill set, providing you with the knowledge and equipment you need to kick-start your career and become a confident Permanent Makeup or Microblading Artist.

Completing your Fundamental Beginners Training Course is the first step in our Professional Progression Programme which mentors you from a beginner, through to intermediate, advanced and eventually Master artist. As a Master artist you will be in a position to develop your own signature techniques and host your own masterclasses.

Brows are a big business and undoubtedly the most requested Permanent Makeup treatment. They are a must-have in your client offering but lots of new artists only specialise in this one area. Being able to also offer Permanent Eyeliner and Lip Blush will set you apart from your competitors and will allow you to truly deliver the full package for your clients.

Each of our Fundamental Beginners Training Courses can be purchased individually, but with our mix and match system students can combine courses to benefit from rapid progression, added value and savings of up to £5,145

Fundamental beginnners Training Courses

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