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3D Areola & Nipple Tattooing

For many women, a breast cancer diagnosis will be one of the hardest things that they endure in their lifetime. With some statistics suggesting that as many as 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some stage of their life, the emotional, physical and financial hardship that this causes both them and their families cannot be underestimated. Breast cancer survivors often have extensive scarring from their reconstructive surgery and this can result in the loss or deformation of the areola and nipple. For many this sacrifice allows them to go on to have a full and healthy life, but it does come with its own complex emotional struggles with numerous women experiencing issues with self-confidence and suffering detrimental effects on their mental health.


“Deciding to have a 3D areola reconstruction tattooing treatment to create an areola and nipple and help to rebuild femininity and confidence”

For some women, their visible scars serve to remind them of their incredible courage and strength in the brutal and often gruelling fight against cancer, reminding them to always live for the moment. But that is not the case for all women who experience this and for these women we are so grateful that we are able to use our expertise as Permanent Makeup Artists to help restore the appearance of the areola and nipple, in turn helping to restore their confidence and femininity.

In a recent episode of Channel 4’s hit show ‘First Dates’ a woman named Sara spoke poignantly about her experience with breast cancer and the personal turmoil she’s faced since recovery. Her surgery left her battling an identity and confidence crisis which deeply affected her mental state as well as her approach to relationships. She said ‘they never told me they would take my nipples – they took all my femininity away from me’, deciding to have a 3D areola reconstruction tattooing treatment to create an areola and nipple and help to rebuild her femininity and confidence.

“The most meaningful work for Permanent Makeup Artists”

This story touched our hearts at Tracie Giles London, and Sara’s beaming smile mirrors the smiles we see time and time again as our beautiful clients see their very own 3D Areola Reconstruction results for the first time. The disbelief at just how realistic the results of this treatment are, as well as the instantaneous joy and relief that follows knowing that they can truly move on with their lives makes this one of the most rewarding and meaningful moments in our careers as Permanent Makeup Artists.

“The fact that I can use my expertise as a Permanent Makeup Artist to perform a treatment that makes such a huge difference is so amazing. The 3D Areola Tattooing Treatment totally transforms not just a client’s appearance but also their self-confidence and life!” – Tracie Giles London Breast Expert

At Tracie Giles London we would never consider any woman who has faced the trauma and outcome of surgery post-breast cancer any less feminine, but we are honoured to be able to offer a solution to anyone who feels unhappy or unable to move on due to the appearance of their new breasts.

Our Permanent Makeup Artists are extremely talented and are able to create incredible results using Medical Tattooing. They will work together with you in an in-depth consultation to agree on the exact colouring, shape and placement of the Areola Tattooing to ensure you are totally happy with your results. They will create a 3-Dimensional nipple and camouflage any scarring and damaged tissue using specialised Permanent Makeup techniques. The results of the areola reconstruction are so realistic it is almost impossible to tell that the areola and nipple are tattooed.

Not just for breast cancer survivors …

Although most clients requesting 3D Areola Tattooing are breast cancer survivors, the same treatment can also be used to restore the appearance of the nipple following breast augmentation or reduction surgery or to simply darken a naturally light areola.

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