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Morag Crichton

Morag Crichton Morag Crichton

One of our absolute faves from Married At First Sight 2021, Morag Crichton sent an SOS to Tracie Giles London, desperately needing help with her brows! After appearing on the show she was cruelly trolled for her brows which had been done by another Permanent Makeup Artist and she wanted to have them removed and re-done by the UK’s Brow Experts… us!

Morag’s brows were definitely a challenge due to the size of the previous tattoo and the pigments used which had faded to a blue-ish grey, but Tracie and the team tackled this head-on!

First Morag needed several Permanent Makeup Laser Removal sessions to remove the pigment from her previous treatment. Tracie was able to successfully lift the pigment from the skin enough for our expert Brow Director Artist Hannah to then create a beautiful set of brand new Hyper-Realism Brows.

We LOVED the final look – Hannah gave her beautiful thick, full, fluffy brows that disguised any remaining pigment whilst still looking incredibly natural, creating the appearance of natural brow hairs where Morag has none, elevating and modernising her look!