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About Me

Hello, I’m Miri and I have a background in fine art and am a Hyper-Realism World Master Artist. I grew up in the heart of Slovakia and my creativity started at young age. I have always had a passion and eye for art and it comes very naturally to me. I love painting and drawing and at a very young age I started designing and sewing my own clothes – and had great style! I focused on design throughout my early life and did extremely well in my studies – ready to take the next step in my career.


I fell in love with Permanent Makeup ten years ago when a friend of mine had her eyebrows tattooed very badly and I wanted to be able to fix it! I started to explore the world of PMU and my hunger for more creativity led me to learning the art of Cosmetic Tattooing. I began my Permanent Makeup training in the UK with a leading Permanent Makeup academy and have become a world-class permanent makeup artist.


I am a total perfectionist and have a fantastic eye for even the smallest details. I have to stay on top of the game and love to learn new skills and techniques. I have won multiple awards and my latest achievement is being crowned as the winning ‘Realistic Eyebrow Artist’ for my world-famous Hyper-Realism Brows. Easy going, friendly and an animal & nature lover, I am also known for my realistic drawings and oil paintings!

Miri's Treatments

Treatments Artist Level
Hyper Realism Brows Advanced Artistry
3D Hairstroke Brows Director
Powder/Ombré Brows Director
Combo Brows Director
Male Brows Director
3D Areola Tattooing Director
Scalp & Hairline Director
Beauty Spot Director
Whipshaded Eyeliner Director
Gloss & Go Lip Blush Elite Plus
Lash Enhancer Elite Plus
Eyeliner Elite Plus
Hyper Realism Brows
Artist Level Advanced Artistry
3D Hairstroke Brows
Artist Level Director
Powder/Ombré Brows
Artist Level Director
Combo Brows
Artist Level Director
Male Brows
Artist Level Director
3D Areola Tattooing
Artist Level Director
Scalp & Hairline
Artist Level Director
Beauty Spot
Artist Level Director
Whipshaded Eyeliner
Artist Level Director
Gloss & Go Lip Blush
Artist Level Elite Plus
Lash Enhancer
Artist Level Elite Plus
Artist Level Elite Plus

Miri's Work in the Press

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