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Beauty trends 2016 | The barometer

2015 was all about strobing, lip over-lining and half up top knots but watch out – 2016 has some great surprises in store for you beauty lovers! Check out our tops tips for beauty trends in 2016 and say goodbye to some of our least favourites from 2015.

woman with painted nails touching her lips woman with painted nails touching her lips


Bold lips

What: 2015 brought us the ‘Kylie Jenner challenge’ and lip contouring, but the classic red lip is back for the spring, with DKNY and Oscar de la Renta working colour popping pouts.

Tip: Chanel’s ‘Rouge Coco Shine’ range is bursting with bright, buildable colour and starts at a reasonable £25.

French tips

What: This trend went a bit Footballer’s wives, but it’s back and better than ever, incorporating bold, sparkly and even patterned tips.

Tip: Use french tip stickers to section off the ends of your nails and use your choice of colour for the tips. Use a toothpick to add patterns.

Rope braids

What: Remember the 2015 french plait pigtail craze? Well now it’s all about the rope braid- think Jessi M’Bengue in Blurred Lines.

Tip: Tie your hair into a high ponytail and start the twisted braid with a french braid for better hold, before twisting the rest and securing.

Head accessories

What: Hair bands, hair pieces and clips… go as Carrie Bradshaw-bird-on-the-head as you want.

Tip: Layer multiple thin hairbands or add a clip on to an Alice band for a personalised look.

Strobing to Glowing

What: Who didn’t run to Benefit for their High Beam highlighter this year? Well 2016 is all about the ‘glow’. Marc Jacobs used vaseline on his models’ cheekbones, eyelids and under eyes on the catwalk- great for those luminous selfies.

Tip: Use lipgloss on your cheek bones and eye lids. Alternatively Clinique does a cheek and lip chubby stick.

Wet look hair

What: We’ve always been fans of the slick-back look, modelled on the likes of Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian. But now it’s back and wetter than ever. Yippee!

Tip: Straighten your hair, section off a small under-layer of hair and tie it up at the nape of your neck, then backcomb the top layer of hair with gel.


What: On the eyelids, cheeks- even on the hair, sparkle your way into 2016.

Tip: Topshop sell facial glue and an array of deliciously coloured sequin pots called Glitter Pot in Flash at £5.


What: Braiding is going to be big for 2016, with Louis Vuitton, Celine and Valentino experimenting with multi braids. We love!

Tip: Part your hair in the middle and create three thin plaits on both sides of your head, before securing them at the back of your head.


What: Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Maison Margiela were all about electric blue eye make up in their spring catwalk. Would you dare to rock the trend?

Tip: If you have a great eyelid, try the blended smokey blue look. If your eyes are harder to make-up, go for a bright turquoise eyeliner.

Raised tail brows

What: 2015 was all about the raised arch, but 2016 is all about the raised tail brow- the brow is coming down.

Tip: Always follow the natural shape of your brow rather than going with trends. Tracie Giles recommends adapting your brow with make up, rather than reshaping completely, if you’re really keen on a current trend.



What: This make-up trend- much like the Kardashians- ruled beauty for a third year running and looks like it’s here to stay… it just gets more complex every year.

Tip: Each face shape should be contoured differently. If you have a round face and want to make it slimmer, concentrate darker shades on the outside of the face to bring it in. Check out Sephora’s video guide for different approaches.


What: Playing with light through highlighting, 2016 is reinventing this with ‘glowing’.

Tip: Use Benefit’s High Beam highlighter at the highest points of your face to play with light and shadow.

Rainbow hair

What: Dip-dye and ombre turned into rainbow and unicorn hair-we’re not sad to see it go.

Tip: If you don’t want to take the plunge, try temporary extensions.

Lip overlining

What: Kylie Jenner’s lip filler revelation sent the make-up world into a flurry, with the controversial ‘Kylie Jenner lip challenge’ leaving many-a-face with suction marks. Thankfully most chose the safer ‘over lining’ option, and Kylie’s lip pallet sold out in minutes.

Tip: Choose a brown shade of lipliner just a few shades darker than your natural lips, and shade just outside of your lip area.

Bold Brows

What: 2015 was all about the bold but groomed brow- Kardashian and Delevingne tamed.

Tip: Use a brow pencil for a more defined look.

Half up top knots

What: Man buns for the boys and half top knots for the girls, not every one could pull off this one.

Tip: This should look messy and effortless- stray hairs are fine.

Glitter (partings and beards)

What: Easily mistaken for sparkly dandruff, be gone glitter gone wrong.

Tip: Claire’s do hair glitter gel for £2.50.

Ombré lips

What: Basically contouring for the lips – not ideal if you want to eat/ drink/ stay alive.

How: Apply your favourite lip colour, line your lips with slightly darker lip liner and blend, apply a shimmery light eye shadow to the middle part of your lips.


What: Big, bold and fake – this was the year of brows and lashes on fleek. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of falsies.

Tip: To save time long term use eyelure’s individual lashes which last up to 8 weeks and start at £4.95.


What: Once again the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner crew started a tidal wave trend of bright hair, entertaining us with her never ending wig-off with love rival Blac Chyna.

Tip: Lauren Pope does a great range of easy clip in extensions available at most Superdrug stores.