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Is Permanent Makeup | Really Permanent?

Permanent Makeup is more popular than ever due to the long-lasting, minimal fuss results, but there is a lot of confusion surrounding the term ‘Permanent Makeup’ – What’s the difference is between ‘Semi Permanent Makeup’ and ‘Permanent Makeup’? And does permanent really mean permanent? Our expert team are here to help explain and answer your questions!

eyebrow and lip tattooing treatment before and after eyebrow tattooing treatment before and after

Understanding Permanent Makeup:

If you’ve been looking into Permanent Makeup treatments you may have noticed that some Artists use the term ‘Permanent Makeup’ and others use ‘Semi-Permanent Makeup’, ‘Micropigmentation’ or ‘Cosmetic Tattooing’. The first thing to understand is that these are essentially just different terms used to describe the same thing – which we know can be confusing!

Permanent Makeup involves depositing pigments into the dermal layer of the skin using a digital device or handheld blade (for microblading). This gives a long-lasting effect that mimics the appearance of conventional brow, eyeliner and lip makeup – and can be as natural-looking or dramatic as you desire!

The Truth about Permanence:

Permanent Makeup is designed to fade, with results lasting 1-3 years depending on the treatment, the technique and tools used by the Artist, and the lifestyle of the client.

So here’s the deal: over time, that pigment does fade – this is why some Artists use the term ‘Semi-Permanent Makeup’.

Due to the type of pigment used and the constant exposure of the face to the elements, Permanent Makeup tends to fade faster than conventional body tattooing – BUT pigment particles do remain in the skin and although they may not be visible forever they are still present, so the term semi-permanent is misleading and actually incorrect, scientifically speaking.

This is why at Tracie Giles London we use the term ‘Permanent’ Makeup because implanted pigment doesn’t completely disappear from the skin and we feel clients need to be aware that they are making a permanent change (so it’s important to do your research, find the right Artist, and not be driven by cost!).

How long your Permanent Makeup lasts depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Your skin type
  • Your lifestyle such as: sun exposure, skincare routine, exercise etc.
  • Genetics
  • Any health and medical factors, whether that be diagnosed or underlying

What’s the secret to long-lasting results?

For long-lasting results you need to do your research, choose an experienced Artist who uses the best pigments and equipment, and make sure you attend your retouch appointment and follow the aftercare steps provided!

And if you want to keep your Permanent Makeup looking fabulous, you’ll need to come in for touch-ups every 12 to 24 months. Don’t fall for the misconception that results are totally permanent and one session will give you perfect makeup for life! Make sure you know that regular touch-ups are essential to maintain that fresh and flawless look.

How long does a Permanent Makeup appointment take?

For first time clients, treatments usually take up to two hours and two stages are needed – your initial appointment and a retouch appointment spaced between two to twelve weeks apart. This is to ensure a safe, comfortable and gradual enhancement. We always recommend you attend your refresher treatment for longer lasting results.

So, here’s the bottom line…

Your Permanent Makeup result when you leave after your appointment isn’t permanent – it will fade away gradually and to keep that fresh look going, you’ll need to schedule touch-ups. How regularly you will need these retouches will depend on multiple factors and will vary for each client. BUT it’s important to know that even without regular retouch appointments some pigment is likely to remain in the skin indefinitely – which is what makes Permanent Makeup permanent.