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Student Interview | How to Train in Permanent Makeup

Thinking about starting a career in Semi-Permanent Makeup? We spoke to newly qualified tech Katie Murphy, who trained with TG in 2016 and shares how to train in permanent makeup!

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Katie Murphy is one of our accomplished graduates and the next generation of talented Permanent Makeup Pros. Having recently completed her Tier 1C, Total Fundamentals Training at the TG ID Liner Academy, we wanted to share her highs and lows as she turns her dreams into reality and officially launches her own permanent make-up business as a qualified ID Liner Permanent Make Up Artist.

1. Katie, tell us about your career history to date and why you decided to pursue a future as a freelance Permanent Makeup Technician?

I qualified as a Beauty Therapist in 2006 and after graduating worked in Spas and Salons as a Freelancer before following my passion into the world of Permanent Makeup, which is something I have always wanted to do, since I was a little girl; who loved to draw eyebrows at every opportunity.

2. With a variety of well-known training courses available on the market, what made you decide to undertake your micropigmentation training at the Tracie Giles ID Liner Academy?

I started following Tracie Giles and her work not long after completing my beauty therapy training and set my heart on one day being a good as her. Coincidentally by the time I had saved the money to train in Micropigmentation, Tracie had just launched her ID Liner Academy which offered a series of foundation to advanced courses. I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason and was so excited to finally be able to train with Tracie and her incredible team. I was very star struck when I met Tracie initially on the course, her work and the skills of her trainers are outstanding, so natural and utterly transformational. I also felt when I called to enquire, that they were so professional and friendly and I just knew that the course would be the best, if the quality and reputation of the Tracie Giles brand was anything to go by.

3. What have been your training highlights to date?

Seeing my first set of brows was a pretty big highlight. That gave me such a sense of achievement, to see that I could actually live my dream and do what I had always dreamt of. The refresher day was also another fantastic career progression, I felt I learnt so much and gained even more confidence.

4. What would your advice be to anyone thinking about making a career change and following their dreams to become a Permanent Makeup Artist?

I would say just do it. It does cost a lot of money to train, which initially is a worry, but like anything in life worth doing it’s a very wise investment, not only because you make the money back very quickly, but also because all of my clients have been so happy with the results of my work that the career has been incredibly rewarding.

5. With so many individuals entering the field of cosmetic tattooing, how important is it to obtain comprehensive training and an accredited qualification with a well-known and highly respected training provider such as TG ID Liner?

I definitely believe that you pay for what you get. When I was doing my research I looked at pictures of work from cheaper courses, which didn’t appear to be industry accredited and the difference in standards was really apparent, you just could not compare them to the Tracie Giles ID Liner Academy and graduate portfolios. You also get the best products and equipment to work with, which is vital when first starting out. The Trainers at Tracie Giles are so talented and have between them undertaken so many different courses within the industry, that you have the assurance you are learning from only the very best. Another major bonus was that after completion, when you phone up for insurance and a license the qualification is instantly recognised, which made it very easy to arrange comprehensive cover for my practice.

6. What has been your favourite procedure to date and toughest challenges?

The toughest challenges were eyebrows, because you really want to get them to be perfect and so therefore set yourself very high personal standards from the start, however this has also been my favourite procedure to carry out. The eyelash enhancement I actually found really easy and enjoyed learning it. Initially I found it hard getting the pigments to stay in the skin, but with practice and guidance from the tutors, my end results continue to go from strength to strength. The treatments are very therapeutic to carry out and enjoyable to do. I still get nervous which is I think a good thing as it keeps your standards high and it was so lovely for Tracie herself to assure us that sometimes she does too, which always makes her strive to produce the very best work for her clients.

7. Has there been one specific moment that has made you step back and reflect on how far you have come in such a short time and made you proud of your new career choice and incredible achievements to date?

Yes, I was lucky to have the privilege to work on a lady who had hardly any hair. Working on her eyebrows to achieve a natural look that enhanced her stunning facial features was such an honour. The end result looked amazing and she was just so happy, you can’t buy that kind of career satisfaction and I wish I could bottle it for everyone to experience. Having my Trainer tell me how proud she was of my work and to hear her words of encouragement was a very special moment and made me feel proud of myself and how far I have come in a relatively short space of time.

8. Are you excited about using the new ID Liner range of pigments and supplies?

Yes I am and I can’t wait. I have probably been a little over excited as I keep asking when they will be ready, as I can’t wait to use them on my clients and know that they will adore them and the outstanding results that they will provide.

9. What do you predict will be the most popular permanent make-up treatment in 2017?

The powder brows, they look amazing. People are already asking me if I’m qualified to do them, so I can’t wait to attend that specific workshop. That’s the one big bonus of training with ID Liner, the team never push people to buy anything or enrol of further training unless they don’t feel it will enhance their personal career and individual development. I love that I get emails through informing me of the future workshops that I can attend, it’s a great way to meet fellow industry pros too, which is in my opinion priceless.

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