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Chelsea Life Magazine November Issue

Hyper Realism Brows

After spending most of the last year tinting, testing brow products, laminating, plucking – you name it, I started thinking of something a little more permanent.

My usual brow lamination, which don’t get me wrong is something I love, gave the illusion of fuller and darker brows but was exactly that – an illusion. After two weeks the deep brown colour faded, and I was left with my former (result of the noughties overplucking trend) barely-there brow.

Something I’ve become truly obsessed with, thanks to working from home, is how I appeared on Zoom, facetime and other social ‘face facing’ contact methods. Even if I looked a little rough round the edges my groomed brows kept me looking human and I always enjoy the way darkened fuller brows opened up my eyes and framed my face.

So when Brow Artist to the stars, Tracie Giles announced a new technique in-house: Hyper Realism Brows – I was certainly intrigued…

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