Heat World | Sharon Gaffka shows off the results after removing cosmetic procedure

Love Island Sharon Gaffka Eyebrows

Love Island 2021 star Sharon Gaffka is definitely still on our radar, despite leaving the villa single and well before her time (in our opinion).

In recent months Sharon has used her past year to speak about causes that are close to her and has recently worked tirelessly to improve the lives of the victims of drink spiking. Her work has included campaigning with MPs to get the sentences for people who possess or supply drink spiking drugs extended.

She’s also switched up her appearance since being on telly, dissolving her lip filler, going back to her natural dark hair colour AND more recently sharing her experience with having her microblading reversed.

Sharing a before and after reel with her fans, Sharon revealed, “It’s no secret that my appearance has changed a lot since the summer…

“I’ve been very transparent about my whole journey, and where I want to go next! But the one thing I’m so glad I did, probably up there with my most asked questions and something I feel like I don’t talk about as much is my microblading and why I got it removed with @traciegiles_permanentmakeup!

“I actually forgot how much of a difference brows make to your face! 😳”.

Sharon also shared some answers to her fan’s questions about microblading, including why she decided to go ahead with the procedure in the first place.

“So, the type of Asian I am means that I am not very hairy! It makes shaving my legs a hell of a lot easier, but on the flip side, it means I don’t have very thick brows or lashes,” she explained.

“In fact, when they say brows are meant to be sisters, not twins, I don’t even know if I could call mine cousins! I’m a sucker for convenience and ease, so I liked the idea of never needing to do my brows on the daily!”

However, she was quick to explain that she definitely made a mistake getting it done multiple times, “I was unhappy with mine, the colour and the shape. Instead of taking a step back and having it removed, I just kept getting it redone, by multiple people! Which I do not recommend at all!

“This meant different pigment brands, and different techniques etc. Leaving them in a complete mess! 🥴.”

We think your brows are heavenly, Shaz.


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