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As a beauty lover and journalist, I’ve tried nearly every trend that has taken the beauty world by storm. Lip filler? Addicted. High tech facials? A skin care essential. I most recently tried B Force Body Sculpting – a technical piece of equipment that is designed to stimulate muscles and reshape the body, as well as eliminating excess fat cells.

There is one treatment, however, that I have been on the fence about since it blew up in 2016: Microblading. I’ve come close to booking in many times, but have always got too nervous at the last minute. The reason for my apprehension came from a fear of being left with blocky, ‘tattoo’ like brows that would take months, even years, to fade. But after speaking with the Tracie Giles team, I am assured that they only specialise in natural and bespoke results, so I decide to take a step closer to my dream brows and book in with Tracie Giles for an appointment.

Who is Tracie Giles?

Tracie Giles is a celebrity favourite for microblading and SPMU (semi permanent make up) treatments. If you have ever thought about, or researched into getting your brows microbladed, you would have undoubtedly come across Tracie Giles before, or perhaps have seen her on TOWIE, providing treatments to the likes of Gemma Collins and Amber Davies. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Tracie has firmly cemented her position as a global leader in the art of permanent cosmetics and aesthetics, now working with and managing a team of 11 at her Knightsbridge clinic – a five floor location that welcomes clients from around the world who are seeking the very best in permanent makeup treatments.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that involves using a tattoo-like machine or a microblade to create hair-like strokes, in turn creating a more defined brow. Unlike bulky eyebrow tattoos that we saw throughout the noughties, microblading allows the practitioner to create super realistic strokes, ensuring a natural result – something that I was particularly conscious of whilst booking in, as blocky, thick eyebrows are my worst nightmare.

Are there different styles available?

Tracie Giles offers four types of eyebrow tattooing techniques, as well as two different types of microblading, for a bespoke look tailored to each client. I was recommended the combo-brow, a type of microblading treatment that includes a combination of both digital eyebrow tattooing and microblading – perfect for those who are looking for a hyper-realistic look. Other styles include the powder or ombre brow; a specialised shading technique that creates a mist of colour across the brow. This option is suitable for those who like to draw their eyebrows on everyday, or prefer a bolder finish.

The procedure

The team will start by taking you through a consultation, asking a series of questions to determine which brow style is right for you. This will depend on a number of factors – natural brow hair thickness, and how you normally style your brows. Once the technique has been determined, your stylist will lead you up to the treatment rooms – which are equally aesthetic as the salon itself, covered in decorative flowers and pink motifs.

My stylist for the treatment, Hema, was friendly and comforting, and answered any questions I had in regards to the treatment – explaining downtime and expected results in depth. The treatment lasted approximately two and a half hours – as the brows have to be passed over twice for colour to hold.

Of course, with any treatment of this nature, it’s normal to be nervous in the run up to your appointment, questioning whether or not it will hurt. My honest answer is yes, it does hurt – but the results are worth it. As someone who had a cannula, and many needles inserted into my lips in the name of a plumper pout with the help of lip filler just a week prior to this, I can confidently say that this hurt more than any other aesthetic treatment I have had before, but that is to be expected whilst undergoing a treatment that uses a piece of equipment similar to a tattoo gun. On the second pass, an anaesthetic cream is applied to the brows – and from then on, the treatment became much more relaxed. Truthfully, I could hardly feel anything after this point, and Hema was fantastic at making me feel relaxed and comfortable throughout – talking about anything from skincare to holidays and everything in between.

The results

Upon the big reveal of my new brows, I was blown away with the results. The brow strokes matched my natural hairs, and the result was glossy, defined brows that mimicked my regular brow lamination treatment. I left the salon extremely happy with the results, and armed with Tracie’s Crème Rescue Anti-Stress Serum that promised to keep my brows in top shape.

Hema explained that the brows look 70% darker immediately after treatment, and will begin to peel and fade after 3-5 days. A follow up appointment is required a few weeks after the initial treatment, to top up any faded colour and further define the result. A week after my appointment and I can confidently recommend this treatment to anyone in the market for defined brows – any discomfort is definitely worth it.

In a nutshell

My morning makeup routine has dramatically decreased in time, and no makeup days are now more common than ever. For those concerned about dark, bulky results, rest assured that Tracie Giles specialises in bespoke brows – meaning every result is tailored to each specific person. If you’re looking for brows that compliment your face and require little to no effort, microblading is the treatment to book – and Tracie Giles is definitely the place to go. Good brow days? Pending.


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