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Pushing the Boundaries of Permanent Makeup

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Tracie Giles takes pride in being the UK’s first high street clinic dedicated to permanent make-up and aesthetics. Under the leadership of celebrity permanent make-up artist Tracie, and her daughter Charlotte, the establishment boasts a select team of world-class technicians, whose expertise lies in delivering remarkable results.

While the company is well-versed in various beauty treatments, including microneedling and lip fillers, its services extend far beyond conventional offerings. From concealing a cleft lip scar to creating realistic areolas, the technicians’ diverse skillset allows them to cater to various requirements.

We were privileged to visit the renowned Knightsbridge clinic. Situated near Harrods, the clinic encompasses five floors and showcases a charming reception area and six therapy rooms bathed in natural light. The staff’s warm hospitality and attentive approach receive our personal endorsement; they are dedicated to ensuring every visitor feels well-informed and relaxed throughout their experience.

One of the most impressive procedures on offer is three-dimensional areola tattooing. The process includes a thorough consultation, during which the technician discusses the customer’s desired shape, size and colour, seeking their approval before proceeding. This treatment boasts solely positive attributes: it is entirely painless, non-invasive and requires zero downtime. Clients simply need to apply the brand’s Crème Rescue Serum until the area has fully healed.

While this method may serve as the final step towards restoring a sense of normality following breast reconstruction, it is also the perfect solution for women who wish to correct asymmetry or achieve a darker shade. To ensure a flawless result, a follow-up session is necessary eight weeks later.

A further tattooing system has been designed for clients with alopecia. This innovative technique mimics real hair on eyebrows and lash lines, providing an immediate confidence boost for those who have experienced hair loss. It is worth noting that the company is registered with Alopecia UK, demonstrating its commitment to supporting those suffering from this illness.

In addition, Tracie Giles specialises in disguising scars following cleft lip repair. Individuals who have undergone surgery often encounter visible wounds on or around the mouth, which can cause considerable discomfort. To address this issue, scar camouflage tattoos are administered through medical micropigmentation. A carefully crafted custom blend, matching the client’s skin tone, guarantees a notable enhancement.

Tracie Giles has won numerous awards and receives consistent praise from celebrities, solidifying its position as pioneers in the beauty world. Whether you are seeking cosmetic enhancements or permanent make-up, this company comes highly recommended – both by the industry and us.