London Fashion Week exposes the new Make Up Trends for 2017!

London is always a buzz during Fashion Week with parties, after parties, trunk shows and of course lots of champagne. We loved this whirlwind of fabulousness in February! We also love to see what the new season brings along with what the new 2017 make up inspirations and trends will be and which will be the ones to gain a cult following.

For the past year Brows have been massive and Microblading has easily been the leading Permanent Make Up treatment in the U.K as well as globally. As the seasons change, however, and as we move into Spring 2017  Permanent Make Up becomes more well known as the “A Lists” best kept secret we will see an increasing demand for gorgeously perfect, pouted pretty lips. Gloss & Go Lips is becoming more and more of a must have as we see a definitive rise of wanting full defined lips with a youthful blush of transparent colour.

This year bold statement lips have been flooding the runways at London Fashion Week and we couldn’t be more excited for Summer. Dior has made it very obvious that pink is the new neutral which was reinforced by Pucci and Isabel Marant. It was taken to the next level by Mary Katranzou, Fendi and DKNY where glitter bedazzled perfectly pouted striking lips. All of us at the TG HQ will of course be delighted to intend on having gorgeous fresh pink non-smudging Gloss & Go Lips in time for Summer.

For anyone that doesn’t know, Gloss & Go Lips is the lip treatment which Tracie personally developed herself and has become famous for. Lips are infused with beautiful, sheer, even colour which is instantly age defying.  The bespoke colour choice is discussed with you first and either matched naturally to your lip to just define and enhance or otherwise if you so wish a brighter colour can be used to achieve your favourite lipstick look.

The new Gloss & Go lip pigment range was launched last September at the Olympia Beauty exhibition in Kensington. Tracie herself pioneered a range of pure mineral pigment which helps the expert TG techs at Tracie Giles Knightsbridge to create the beautifully defined lips infused with colour which come walking out of Door 24 and stay smudge proof for up to 12 months.

The thought of waking up with gorgeously defined lips – yes please!

Gloss & Go Lips