Melanin-Rich Lip Neutralisation


Melanin-Rich Lip Neutralisation

Melanin-Rich Lips CorrectionLips come in all different colours, shapes and sizes, and every client requires a different approach to reach the best outcome, simply because every lip is unique.

Not all of us are happy with the natural shade of our lips and some may experience uneven tone or colour across the lips that they would like corrected. Melanin-rich skin, hyperpigmentation, injuries or skin disorders are all possible causes of darker lips or discolouration.

Permanent Makeup can be an excellent solution for achieving brighter, lighter, more even-toned lips, but unfortunately Lip Blushing isn’t suitable for all skin types.

Individuals with melanin-rich, hyperpigmented or darker lips may require an additional treatment before their Gloss & Go Lip Blush – our Melanin-Rich Lip Neutralisation treatment – as any darker parts of the lips need to be camouflaged before an enhancing colour is implanted on the lips.


Highly recommend the TG team. I would hesitate to trust anywhere else in London. Great experience and skilled beauticians. A treat!


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What is the Melanin-Rich Lip Neutralisation treatment?

Our Melanin-Rich Lip Neutralisation treatment is a highly specialised treatment that requires vast experience and knowledge of colour theory and colour selection.

In this treatment our expert Artists use advanced Permanent Makeup techniques and a bespoke blend of pigments unique to each client to neutralise any cool tones, even out tone and lift the darkness of the lips.

Once we have achieved the desired results, we can then follow this treatment with our Gloss & Go Lip Blushing treatment to infuse the lips with a full blush of beautiful colour, correct the shape and add fullness, volume and definition.

If you are unsure whether you need Melanin-Rich Lip Neutralisation before Lip Blushing or would like to discuss the treatment in more detail we offer FREE in-person and video consultations with our Permanent Makeup Artists!


Melanin Rich Lip Neutralisation

Please note: Additional Melanin-Rich Lip Neutralisation sessions may be required before we can begin our Gloss & Go Lip Blushing treatment.


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In a world first, ‘My Face Project’ combines Bespoke Permanent Makeup with Advanced Aesthetics. We recommend pairing Melanin-Rich Lip Neutralisation with Gloss & Go™ Lip TattooingLip Fillers.




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