MaxReal Brows

MaxReal Brows

Introducing MaxReal Brows – the latest innovation in Eyebrow Tattooing brought to you exclusively by Tracie Giles London!

Originating from South Asia, MaxReal Brows (also known as Feather Brows) is a specialised eyebrow technique that draws inspiration from Asian eyebrow patterns while offering adaptability to European styles.

The result? Incredibly realistic brows that redefine the standards of natural beauty.

Similar to Hyper-Realism Brows, MaxReal Brows utilises a highly specialised tattooing technique with a very fine acupuncture style need and shallow pixelated hairstrokes to create brows that look incredibly lifelike. Rather than tattooing individual hairstrokes, this technique involves weaving soft, delicate strokes in a bespoke pattern amongst your existing brow hairs. The work is airy and intricate and creates truly stunning results that are slightly neater, softer and more feathery than the original Hyper-Realism Brows.

The MaxReal Brows technique was created by our Tracie Giles London Artists and is only available at a handful of clinics worldwide (including Tracie Giles London!).



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