2024 Tracie Giles London Pricelist

2024 Tracie Giles Pricelist

Our Knightsbridge clinic is the only UK high street clinic offering such a broad range of bespoke Permanent Makeup and Advanced Aesthetic treatments under one roof, at the very highest industry standard.

With a treatment at Tracie Giles London you can book an appointment knowing you are guaranteed the absolute best in the business. Our expert Artists are cherry-picked by Tracie from all over the world, ensuring we are able to offer our clients the highest level of skill and experience. Our clinic also boasts cutting-edge equipment and world-class pigments which our Artists use to create stunning, long-lasting results. 



NEW PMU & Aesthetics Combo Packages!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our NEW Combo Packages, pairing our world-famous Permanent Makeup treatments with complementary Aesthetics treatments – with each treatment working to enhance the results of the other. Book any of the below Combo Packages and SAVE £150!



Permanent Makeup Pricelist:



Elite Plus Artist

Director Artist

Advanced Artistry


Brows NEW £550 £695 £795 £995
Brows Retouch (up to 12 mths) £325 £375 £425 £595
Brows Retouch (up to 24 mths) £450 £475 £525 £625
Microblading NEW £550 £695 £795 £995
Microblading Retouch (up to 12 mths) £325 £375 £425 £595
Microblading Retouch (up to 24 mths) £450 £475 £525 £625
Hyper Realism Brows NEW £995 £1,200
Hyper Realism Brows Retouch (up to 12 mths) £575 £675
Hyper Realism Brows Retouch (up to 24 mths) £695 £725
Male Hyper Realism Brows NEW £1200 £1500
Male Hyper Realism Brows Retouch (up to 12 mths) £675 £775
Male Hyper Realism Brows Retouch (up to 24 mths) £795 £825
Gloss & Go™ Lip Blush
Gloss & Go Lip Blush NEW £595 £695 £795
Gloss & Go Lip Blush Retouch (up to 12 mths) £450 £495 £525
Gloss & Go Lip Blush Retouch (up to 24 mths) £495 £525 £575
Melanin Rich Lips (first two sessions) £795
Melanin Rich Lips (extra session) £395
Eyeliners, Lash Enhancers & Whipshading
Eyeliner Upper & Lower NEW £550 £595 £695 £795
Eyeliner Upper & Lower Retouch (up to 12 mths) £395 £475 £575 £695
Eyeliner Upper & Lower Retouch (up to 24 mths) £445 £525 £595 £725
Eyeliner Upper OR Lower NEW £450 £550 £595 £750
Eyeliner Upper OR Lower Retouch (up to 12 mths) £295 £375 £395 £525
Eyeliner Upper OR Lower Retouch (up to 24 mths) £375 £450 £525 £695
Lash Enhancer NEW £350 £450 £550 £695
Lash Enhancer Retouch (up to 12 mths) £250 £325 £375 £525
Lash Enhancer Retouch (up to 24 mths) £325 £375 £425 £550
Thicker Eyeliner NEW £595 £695 £795
Thicker Eyeliner Retouch (up to 12 mths) £450 £525 £675
Thicker Eyeliner Retouch (up to 24 mths) £495 £595 £725
Whipshaded Eyeliner NEW £795
Whipshaded Eyeliner Retouch (up to 12 mths) £525
Whipshaded Eyeliner Retouch (up to 24 mths) £575
Whipshaded Eyeliner & Lower Liner NEW £995
3D Areola Tattooing
1 Areola NEW from £495
1 Areola Retouch (up to 36 mths) from £150
2 Areola NEW from £895
2 Areola Retouch (up to 36 mths) from £200
Scalp & Hairline Tattooing
Scalp & Hairline Tattooing from £700
Beauty Spot
Beauty Spot NEW £150 £150 £150 £150
Beauty Spot Retouch (up to 24 mths) £100 £100 £100 £100
Permanent Makeup Consultation FREE FREE FREE £100
Telephone Consultation FREE FREE FREE
Permanent Makeup Consultation Saturday £50 £50 £50 £100
Aesthetics Consultation £100
Permanent Makeup Removal Consultation FREE FREE FREE FREE
Video Consultation FREE FREE FREE FREE


Permanent Makeup Laser Removal Pricelist:


Existing Tracie Giles London Client
First Session £120 £120
Additional Session (price per session) £120 £120
New Client
First Session £295 £295
Additional Session (price per session) £120 £120

Aesthetics Pricelist:

All of our Aesthetics Treatments are performed by Tracie Giles (Advanced Level 7 Aesthetics Practitioner)

Microneedling and Carbon Facials can be performed by both Tracie Giles & our highly qualified skincare experts.


Aesthetics Treatment:


  Tracie Giles Doctor Artist
Anti-Wrinkle Injections  FROM: FROM:
One Area £250 £350
Two Areas £285 £450
Three Areas £360 £550
Four Areas £435 £650
Five Areas £510 £750
Six Areas £585 £850
Jawline Slimming  / Bruxism (Teeth Grinding/ clenching) £450 £550
Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) £495 £595
Gummy Smile £250 £450
Lip Flip £225 £350
Jowl Softening £300
Nerfertiti Neck Lift £350 £500
Downturned Smile £200 £300
Pebble Chin Correction £195 £350
Brow Lifting £300
Dermal & Lip Fillers FROM: FROM:
1ml £350 £495
2ml £560 £850
3ml £840 £1200
4ml £1120 £1580
5ml £1400 £1900
8-Point Face Lift £1960 £2800
Cheek Contouring £350 £495
Chin Filler £350 £550
Tear Trough Filler £595
Jawline Filler £295 £495
Temple Filler £450 £550
Marionette Lines (Downturned Mouth) £350 £495
Nose to Mouth (Nasolabial) £350 £495
Lip Filler – Lip 3D Volume Filler £350 £550
Lip Filler – Lip Anti-ageing and Rejuvenation £350 £495
Russian Lip Filler £450 £595
Forehead Lines £495
Non Surgical Rhinoplasty £575
Tinkerbell Nose Lift £600
Filler Removal (Hyalase) £395 £550
Fat Dissolving Injections FROM: FROM:
Lemon Bottle – Per area £250
Lemon Bottle – Course of three £700
Aqualix Fat Dissolving Injections – Per area £450 £495
Aqualix – Course of three £1100 £1350
Skin Peels FROM: FROM:
VI Peel Original £350
VI Peel Advanced £375
VI Peel Precision Plus £450 £450
VI Peel – Course of three £950
VI Peel Advanced – Course of three £1050
VI Peel Precision Plus – Course of three £1250 £1600
ViPeel Body Peel Per Area
PRX-T33 BioRevitalisation Peel – One Session £295 £500
PRX-T33 BioRevitalisation Peel – Four Sessions £995 £1500
Laser Carbon Peel £200 £200
Skin Boosters FROM: FROM:
Profhilo – One Session £350 £495
Profhilo – Two Sessions £650 £900
Seventy Hyal 2000 – One Session £295 £450
Seventy Hyal 2000 – Three Sessions £650 £850
Light Eyes Ultra for Dark Circles –  One Treatment £220
Light Eyes Ultra – Course of 8 (4 Weeks) £1650
AesPlla – Per area £500
AesPlla – Course of three £1400




The Tracie Giles London Team

At Tracie Giles we have a range of Artists available, specialising in different treatments and offering their own subtle twist on the Tracie Giles London Method. As a global centre of excellence all of our Artists work to a proven standard of distinction, which means that you can book with any of our team and be confident that you’ll receive stunning results.

Our Artists all use the Tracie Giles London Method, which has earned Tracie Giles the reputation as the pinnacle of excellence for Permanent Makeup in the UK and a name you can really trust. Using our Tracie Giles London exclusive techniques and tools, Tracie Giles London has a strict quality control process in place to ensure that you always achieve the most stunning results achievable.

You can choose from our Elite, Elite Plus or Director level Artists. Tracie Giles also personally carries out treatments by appointment only.





The Tracie Giles London Loyalty Programme

We really value our clients’ loyalty, which is why we created the Tracie Giles London Loyalty Programme.

Available to all clients, with a Tracie Giles London Loyalty Card you will earn points for every £1 spent with us, which can then be redeemed against treatments and products. You can also earn extra points for posting Google reviews, tagging us in your social media selfies and recommending friends! Pick up your loyalty card when you next visit Tracie Giles London.

As a regular visitor to the Tracie Giles Clinic in Knightsbridge over two years or more, you will also automatically be offered our ‘Preferential Client’ discount. Our ‘Preferential Clients’ save 10% on all of our treatments, receive exclusive benefits, and are the first to hear our latest offers.

For more information about the Tracie Giles Loyalty Programme and to see if you are eligible for our Preferential Client discount, please ask our team next time you call in at the clinic.


Buy Now, PayL8r Finance Option

 PayL8r Beauty Treatments FinanceTracie Giles London are now offering finance options for our treatments & training courses – up to the value of £2,000*!

We want everyone to be able to experience a little TG luxury, and with our finance partner – PayL8r – you can now spread the cost of our world-famous Permanent Makeup and Aesthetics treatments & training!

To book a treatment using our finance option just give our team a call on 02075841005 and let them know you would like to make an appointment using our finance option!⁠ You will be sent an email instantly and PayL8r will perform your background checks. Your application should be approved within 60 seconds.⁠ ⁠You can then choose to repay in full within 30 days at 0% interest OR you can choose to make monthly repayments. ⁠

Please note: Missed payments may affect your Credit File, future borrowing and incur fees

*T&Cs apply. UK residents only. You must be registered for online banking, have a regular source of income, and no CCJ’s. Only applicable for full price treatments (with the exception of Returning Client 20% discount and Preferential Client 10% discount). A deposit is required at the time of booking. Additional T&Cs may apply. 

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