Permanent Makeup Removal


Permanent Makeup Removal

Permanent Makeup Removal

Do you have permanent makeup that you need corrected, removed or lightened?

With Permanent Makeup now so widely available in the UK and with the industry being largely unregulated, we are increasingly seeing more and more clients needing removal for work undertaken by other clinics and salons.

Most procedures that need to be corrected are a result of mineral pigments being placed into the skin by poorly skilled technicians. They have not been educated in the science of colour or placement and may not have carried out a detailed consultation with you, and this can produce unsightly results.

Tracie Giles and her team of world-class technicians are highly regarded around the world and have over 25 years’ experience in all aspects of Permanent Makeup application and removal.

At Tracie Giles London we may be able to correct the problem Permanent Makeup, depending on various factors including the amount of pigment in the skin and your desired end results. We can also offer Permanent Makeup Removal consultation, where we will advise on the best way to remove your Permanent Makeup, provide recommendations and create a bespoke treatment plan for you.

The trick to successful permanent makeup removal is not just in selecting the correct product and completing the procedure perfectly, but to also provide a flexible treatment plan that is bespoke for each client and responds to their skin and how to pigment reacts to removal.

There are various different methods for Permanent Makeup Removal depending on the skin type, area of the face, colour of the pigment/ink and depth of placement. We believe that there is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to the lightening or removal of unwanted pigment and we will recommend whatever modality or method is judged to work the best for each individual case. Often several methods are used spread over a period of time and this will be explained when creating your treatment plan.

If your particular problem Permanent Makeup is something that we can help with, we will aim to correct the existing work by camouflaging and covering the previous make up using our world-class pigments. If we feel that it would be best for you to have the old tattoo removed, we will make an appointment for you to see one of our Permanent Makeup Removal specialists.

Tracie is very reassuring & reliable. She fully explains every aspect of the removal process. Today was my 2nd session and I’m very excited about the progress so far, which is much more than I’d hoped for. I had my eyeliner done in Australia in 1992 and I never imagined anything could be done to reduce the harsh look I’d been given. Only wish I’d found Tracie years ago.

Emma, Tracie Giles London Client


We understand the impact of having permanent makeup that you now regret or which has not turned out the way you expected and how upsetting this can be. With such a wealth of skill and knowledge of all the different removal methods available, you will be in trusted and safe hands. It is important to note though that we cannot make any guarantees when it comes to PMU removal as every skin is different.