Daily Express | 54-year-old feels ‘transformed’ after ‘amazing’ facial treatment – but issues warning

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54-year-old feels ‘transformed’ after ‘amazing’ facial treatment – but issues warning

One woman had an insecurity that was ruining her confidence and greatly impacting her life. She spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the treatment that has restored her self-esteem and shaved years off her age.

The 54-year-old Zena was alarmed when her eyebrows started to thin and fall out six years ago. She told Express.co.uk about how a subsequent cosmetic procedure has left her feeling and looking better than ever.

Zena had always had “beautiful” natural eyebrows, which she didn’t have to pluck until later in life, so losing them was a huge shock.

She wasn’t totally sure why her eyebrows began to thin, whether it was age, menopause, a thyroid problem or steroids she had to take for health reasons.

But what she did know was that her thinning, sparse brows were beginning to have a real impact on her self-confidence.

She told Express.co.uk: “I used to hate looking in the mirror because all I focused on was my eyebrows and the fact that they weren’t there anymore or they were so faded you could barely see them.”

Anti-Ageing Treatment Look Younger

She admitted that she was “very, very super conscious” about her brows all the time.

Soon after the thinning, one eyebrow became particularly patchy, and Zena started to use eyebrow serums which promised to grow back the hair.

She revealed that while she spent “a lot of money” on such products, none of them gave her results.

Her teenage daughter, who was very into makeup at the time, used to fill in her mum’s eyebrows which gave Zena back some of her confidence.

However, she admitted she wasn’t totally happy with her daughter’s artistry, as this was at a time when “slug” brows were in fashion.

After “years” of her daughter telling her she should get them done professionally for a more permanent look, Zena decided to take “a leap of faith”.

Having become “obsessed” with eyebrows since losing her own, her biggest worry was ending up with “giant black slugs” tattooed on her face.

Hyper-Realism Brow Treatment

But practitioner Tracie Giles alleviated her fears with a consultation before giving Zena her Hyper-Realism Brows – an advanced tattooing technique for realistic, natural looking eyebrows.

For just under £1,000 she received a patch test, preliminary consultation, the treatment itself and a second appointment for any touchups or changes she wanted. Top-ups are recommended annually, at £500 each time.

There was no recovery time and Zena skipped out of the clinic and straight out for dinner, already looking younger and feeling happier in herself.

The physical effects of the treatment were incredible: “It was it was really wonderful, quite transformative.”

Her partner later referred to her new and improved brows as “kind of amazing” and “wow”.

Zena’s self-esteem has also skyrocketed since visiting Tracie Giles for her Hyper-Realism Brows.

“It has made a massive difference to my how I see myself, my confidence, my mental health.

“I wish I’d had it years ago, absolutely wish I’d had it years ago, but it’s happened now.”

As for her advice to others hoping to undergo the same kind of treatment, Zena told people to go for it – as long as they find right practitioner.

She told others she would “be careful” who they go to, and to pick somewhere that offers a consultation beforehand.

“The thing I found really reassuring at Tracie Giles was the time the therapist spent talking me through everything in the pre-appointment.”


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