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‘you can swim, run and exercise and know that you wont end up with makeup running down your face’

If you’re old enough to remember the 1980’s and the earliest modern incarnation of this sort of makeup – think blocky shading of brows and severely lined lips – nobody would blame you for being a little hesitant. But technology has moved on.

‘The devices used today are smaller but more powerful, with more functionality than the bulky machines of the past,’  says Tracie Giles (traciegiles.co.uk), who started working in spas and clinics in 2003 and now has her own five-story clinic in London’s Knightsbridge. ‘Huge amounts of money has also been invested into the research and development of the finest mineral-grade pigments, ensuring that the colours used stay true in the skin. Some highly-specialised techniques today – such as hyper-realism brows – are so realistic that it’s difficult to distinguish the results from real hair.’


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