Gloss & Go Lips


Gloss & Go Lips

Tracie has personally developed her unique Gloss and Go™ Permanent Make Up lip treatment which achieves beautifully shaped and tinted lips using only a super crisp border and infusion of colour, giving you full, sensual lips 24 hours a day…effortlessly.

Thick lipliners can look dated and unnatural, this treatment is about making your lips even, creating the illusion of volume and ensuring that the colour stays put in any situation so that all you need to do is add a dab of gloss and you’re good to go. The Gloss and Go™ treatment is the perfect way to restore shape and fullness lost with age and transform thin or uneven lips.

A tint is selected from a huge range of our fabulous Gloss & Go shades, to either blend with your natural lip colour or to match your favourite cosmetic lip colour. Absolutely kiss-proof and as subtle or dramatic as you desire.

The Gloss & Go Lips are the best thing I have ever done! It makes them look so much fuller and they have lasted so long. Best treatment ever, I can’t wait to come back in!

Vogue Williams, Model & Media Personality

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Please Note: Darker skin tones may not be suitable for lip permanent make up due to the natural undertones occurring in the skin pigmentation and the way that this affects the ultimate colour. Cold sore sufferers should embark on a course of anti-viral cold sore medication prior to starting their treatment and make their technician aware of this. Colour will be much more intense for initial few days after treatment.



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