HOW TO: Shorten your beauty routine


Blogger Liza Prideaux: How To Shorten Your Beauty Routine for Tracie Giles

So we all have those days when you just want to hit that snooze button on the alarm but you fear you won’t have enough time to get ready so end up getting up anyway. Today I wanted to share with you a few beauty hacks so you can get that extra beauty sleep and still look gorgeous in a matter of minutes here are my top tips to cut that beauty routine in half.



You’ve heard of contouring right? Well how about you skin that step and try tontouring the night before? Tontouring is basically contouring with self tanner to do this you need to:

1. Start by applying a tanning moisturiser all over the face and neck area for a subtle glow, my favourite product for this is Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze.

2. Grab a clean buffing brush.

3. Pop some self tan onto the brush and apply to the areas you’d like to contour, my favourite tan to do this is Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tanning Mousse.

4. Buff into the skin leaving no harsh lines.

5. The next day you just need to wake up and rinse your face, you will be left with gorgeous contoured skin that looks natural and flawless.

Now all you need to do is pop on some tinted moisturiser, your favourite concealer and you are base ready!


Permanent Brows

I find that when you are going for a minimal makeup look as long as your brows look fab you are pretty good to go, my main focus are always brows and skin once these are perfected all you need to do is pop on a balm or gloss and you look instantly fresh and pretty. Permanent brows are a must if you are one that has little time in the mornings, they can really transform the whole face and give you a mini face lift at the same time. Here at Tracie Giles we offer 3-Dimensional Brows, this treatment draws individual hairs into the skin creating extra hair strokes along with your own it’s super natural and very effective. Some of our celebrity clients include; Lauren Goodger, Chantelle Houghton and Charlotte Crosby.


Multi-Use products 

Another way to shorten your beauty routine is to find beauty products that are multi-use you can really cut down your routine from skincare to makeup, lip and cheek stains are always a great option for this aswel as cream eyeshadows which can be doubled up as highlighters or blushers. Some of my favourite products are Nars Multiples and Benefit Benetint.

Dry Shampoo

Finally when it comes to hair we haven’t all got time in the morning to wash and blow-dry, I know I don’t so my cheat to 3rd day hair is to add some dry shampoo. To do this simply section off your hair and spray onto the roots, give the hair a good brush and it will look as fresh as a daisy shh nobody will ever know. Top Tip: If you don’t have any dry shampoo to hand then dust some baby powder onto your roots and pat in, this will be just as effective.

I hope you found these beauty hacks helpful, your new beauty routine is secret safe with me!

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