3D Areola Tattooing Training Course

3D Areola Tattooing Training Course

Areola Micropigmentation Training London

Whilst micropigmentation is most often known as a method for achieving permanent brows, eyeliners and lip blushing effects, there are a wide range of medical & correctional uses of Permanent Makeup.

Areola Micropigmentation (or 3D Areola Tattooing) can be the final step back to normality after breast reconstruction or augmentation by using cosmetic tattooing to restore the natural appearance of the areola and camouflage scarring with amazing results. An areola and/or nipple can be tattooed in a colour to closely match the client’s own, creating 3-Dimensional, realistic looking results.

Although ideal after most kinds of breast surgery (including augmentation, reduction and uplift treatments, as well as post-breast cancer), some women may also just want to darken a naturally light areola or correct the shape. Permanent Makeup provides the perfect solution and is undetectable from the natural colour.

During this intensive two-day Hyper-Realism Areola Masterclass, students will be taught how to perform these life-changing treatments and achieve beautiful, natural looking results. As we will often be working on scar tissue or skin that has been compromised, this course is for intermediate artists only who are already confident in performing digital cosmetic tattooing treatments.


  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Managing Client Expectations
  • Skin Trauma
  • Pigment Selection
  • Needle Size, Speed & Technique
  • How to carry out a 3D Areola Hyper-Realism treatment
  • Application and Blending
  • Aftercare
  • Equipment and Pigments
  • Colour Theory
  • Health & Safety


  • Small Group Learning: £1,695 +VAT
  • 1-2-1 Private Training: £2,295 +VAT


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