Bianca Gascoigne

Bianca Gascoigne

Bianca Gascoigne Permanent Makeup Beauty Treatments

When we personally design brows for our clients, we make sure not only that the brows are going to look fabulous, but that they are going to make an improvement to our clients’ entire appearance and draw out the other facial features. Bianca also perfected her pout with our signature Gloss and Go™ treatment in a beautiful baby pink shade as she prepared for her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

When deciding on brows for the beautiful Bianca Gascoigne, we knew that a harsh, angular brow would have been inappropriate and instead opted for a softly curved brow to balance the proportions of her heart-shaped face. We used a shade that closely matched her natural colourings and hair strokes that followed the shape of her brow bone flawlessly.

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