What is Whipshaded Eyeliner?

What is Whipshaded Eyeliner?

Whipshaded EyelinerThe Whipshaded Eyeliner is now available at Tracie Giles London and this timeless make up look is here to stay! A bold eyeliner is a look that has survived throughout history – it began with Cleopatra, one of the most iconic female leaders in history, with her signature cat eye, it was adopted by fashion icons Audrey Hepburn & Marilyn Monroe, it became songstress Amy Winehouse’s signature look, and now it has been perfected for you by the team at Tracie Giles London.

Joining the Lash Enhancing Eyeliner and Liquid Look Liner already available at Tracie Giles London, this incredible new technique allows for a beautiful, smokey, winged eyeliner that perfectly defines and enhances the eye whilst maintaining a natural appearance. It’s the sexy and understated alter ego of the traditional Liquid Look Liner, and right now we’re obsessed. Tracie Giles London is one of only a handful of Permanent Makeup clinics worldwide able to achieve this look, with our highly skilled technicians create a bespoke shape and shading effect that accentuates each client’s individual eye shape.

“We knew we still had to offer a procedure that would endure the daily tasks and rituals of the modern day woman”

Most of our clients aren’t consumed by the trials and tribulations of ruling over empires like our girl Cleopatra, but we knew we still had to offer a procedure that would endure the daily tasks and rituals of the modern woman. We are busier than ever and time is fast becoming our most precious commodity. Make your mismatched eyeliner, hastily applied on the tube first thing on a Monday morning a thing of the past, and wake up with perfect eyeliner every day. Not only is subtle elegance of the whipshaded eyeliner suitable for all occasions, but it can withstand them too! It’s gym proof. It’s swim proof. It’s tears proof. It’s life proof!

The treatment…

Using a highly skilled tattooing technique called ‘whipshading’, this Permanent Makeup treatment is achieved by tattooing tiny dots of pure, hypoallergenic pigment into the skin using a special cosmetic tattooing machine and needle. Our pigments have been designed specifically for Permanent Makeup with the most sensitive skin in mind, so most people are suitable for this treatment – ophthalmologists actually recommend eye procedures for women sensitive to conventional cosmetics! Our expert technicians will assess your suitability for treatment at the consultation stage – where they will analyse your skin type, make sure we can achieve your desired results and explain the treatment to you in depth. They will also draw the eyeliner on in pencil first to make sure that you both agree on the final design before they start tattooing.

An anaesthetic numbing cream will be applied to the area to minimise any pain or discomfort during the treatment. Any initial redness or swelling should go down within 2-5 days, with the full healing period taking two weeks. After this healing period is complete you will need to come back for a retouch appointment to give you long-lasting, fabulous results! Your technician will thoroughly explain the important after care steps you should take to ensure your treatment heals properly; which will include using our very own Crème Rescue Serum to speed up the healing process.

“We want every woman to be the most powerful, beautiful person she can be”

Here at Tracie Giles London, we know that there is more to life than perfect make up and our physical appearance. But we want every woman to be the most powerful, beautiful person she can be and we understand the power of makeup and the inner confidence it can give you. The effect that a ‘good make up day’ can have is no secret, but eyeliner is a delicate and intricate art. Achieve perfection and you can take on the world, but one blink during application and the day is cancelled. There is enough to worry about without stressing about your eyeliner, leave it to the professionals and wake up with perfect whipshaded eyeliner every. single. day!



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